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Poster wtFOCK: Season 2

wtFOCK: Season 2 2019

wtFOCK Season 2 : Follows the life of this season’s main character, Zoë.

10 Episodes

wtFOCK Season 2 Episode 7 : Zoë wakes up in bed with Viktor, nude but she doesn’t remember anything that happened and suspects she has been raped.

wtFOCK Season 2 Episode 6 : After seeing the violent act that Senne had done Zoë begins to question her life principle and her feelings for Senne.

wtFOCK Season 2 Episode 5 : Senne trying to explain to Zoë the misunderstands that happened. In the meantime, Zoë suspects something might be going with Robbe and one of the boys at school.

wtFOCK Season 2 Episode 4 : While Zoë trying to get to know Senne better, suddenly he gives her a cold shoulder because of a family member of Senne.

wtFOCK Season 2 Episode 3 : Zoë struggles to come to term with her insecurities and feelings for Senne.

wtFOCK Season 2 Episode 2 : Zoë cannot escape the date with Senne, but tries to hide it from her friends.

wtFOCK Season 2 Episode 1 : Amber is still not over with her crush on Senne, but Senne has set his sights on Zoë and is trying to set up a date with her.