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Poster We Bare Bears: Season 3

We Bare Bears: Season 3 2017

We Bare Bears Season 3 :

47 Episodes

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 47 : In order to win a pizza, the Baby Bears play basketball against a ragtag gang of kids. They end up getting help in the form of a Charles Barkley card who teaches them teamwork and in the process, the Bears learn their signature “Bearstack”.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 46 : After Ice Bear hits his head, he suddenly takes on a more social, talkative and “cooler” personality which pleases Grizz and Panda, but when he begins to abandon them and become a jerk, they must find a way to turn their brother back to normal.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 45 : The Bears spend a day at the park. Grizz works out, but has his bag stolen by someone, Panda attempts to sell his artwork and gets picked up by a police officer on a horse and Ice Bear trains some kids at a playground his martial arts […]

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 44 : The Bears and Ranger Tabes find a beehive. When Tabes leaves so she can remove it safely, the Bears taste the honey and become entranced. They turn their cave into a large beehive and start serving the queen bee for more honey forcing Tabes to come to […]

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 43 : Nom Nom’s stress levels spike due to an unexpected resurgence in his popularity. At the suggestion of his doctor, Nom Nom decides to take a vacation at a eucalyptus spa. His doctor assigns Grizz as his “comfort pet”, who must protect him from his ravid fans or […]

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 42 : Professor Lampwick covers how everything is connected to the Bears when a hurricane rolls in. When the Bears are in three different locations, Grizz looks after Ranger Tabes’ Poppy Rangers, Panda is stuck with Charlie in his car in the forest, and Chloe and Ice Bear are […]

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 41 : The Bears participate in a brother-themed game show against Panda’s BFF, Tom and his roommates Griff and Isaac for a brand new luxury apartment, but when Panda hears that Tom can’t afford his current apartment anymore and that him and his roommates might split up, Panda might […]

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 40 : The Baby Bears help a teenager named Nate accomplish his dream of being a famous singer, but when he wants to enter a talent show and can only enter with the accompany of a guardian, the Baby Bears disguise themselves as Nate’s father.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 39 : Chloe and Ice Bear drive up north to find the perfect Christmas tree and while looking for one, they stumble upon a wild turkey while Grizz and Panda are left in charge to decorate Chloe’s house but have a lot of trouble.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 38 : Ranger Tabes once again leads the Poppy Rangers in a kick ball tournament against their rivals Ranger Jao and the Ivy Rangers. Grizz comes along as a cheerleader, but when Wallace hurts her ankle he gets promoted to player.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 37 : The Baby Bears sign up for a game of laser tag, hoping to win some ice cream. But, the round of laser tag turns out to be less of a game and more like a war zone.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 36 : In search of some adventure, the Bears ride a tube down a dangerous river.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 35 : Baby Panda happily lives in a closed off environment for study. But when he’s given a new friend, Panda 2, his worldview is shaken, which sets him off on a great adventure.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 34 : Grizz befriends a single footed pigeon named Brenda and her friends. When they ask him to help break out more of their pigeon brethren, Grizz is willing to help, only to discover that her fellow pigeons are the pigeon cartel from “Our Stuff”.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 33 : While the baby bears are on their way to the Denver Chocolate Fest, they encounter a burrow of bunnies who are constantly under attack by crows. Grizz and Ice Bear want to help them, but Panda is determined to get to the festival.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 32 : Charlie tells a group of trick or treaters two scary stories for Halloween: The Bears buy three dolls that look like them that come to life and try to murder them and Grizz accidentally bites Chloe who slowly transforms into a werebear.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 31 : The Bears have a relaxing day at the spa. Grizz tries to get everything the spa has to offer, Panda gets trapped in the steam room with an old man, and Ice Bear plays ping pong.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 30 : After being excluded from a board game with the Bears and Charlie because of his additude, Ralph takes over the Bear’s cave overnight and turns it into a snowy fortress where he reigns as king over everybody.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 29 : During Nom Nom’s new TV show, all his special guests end up unable to appear, so Nom Nom hires the Bears as the replacements, but each act gets ruined by their antics.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 28 : To raise money to save Darrell’s store, the Bears use the stack as a taxi through a ride share app, eventually they run into Darrell’s landlord and the Bears must outrun him before the landlord gets to Darrell’s store and tears it down.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 27 : While their cave gets fumigated for a cockroach infestation, the Bears check into the Waggington Dog Hotel for the night. Panda and Ice Bear leave due to disliking the hotel’s rules, but Grizzly wants to stay. When he gets mistaken for a rabid dog, his brothers must […]

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 26 : Ice Bear gets a sinister message from Barry (from “Icy Nights”) and must rescue his friend Yana. He falls into a trap and both he and Yana must escape.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 25 : Panda volunteers to be Lucy’s partner for a dance contest to win a produce truck. But Panda doesn’t have the heart to tell Lucy that she’s a terrible dancer. His attempts to forfeit the contest soon hurt his friend’s feelings.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 24 : After Ranger Tabes accidentally breaks a deer’s antler, she quits her job and turns to an online craft service, the Bears do what they can to coax her out of retirement when they realize nature’s not the same without her.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 23 : After talking about his lost family on a talk show, Nom Nom is met with another Koala named Kyle who claims to be his brother. However, Nom Nom’s bodyguard begins to have his suspicions.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 22 : Grizz screens an epic amateur movie he just made for a focus group, but when he notices people and animals are leaving he must figure out ways to keep the audience engaged.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 21 : The Bears encounter a kitten that they decide to adopt and name Thunderbolt, however they quickly discover that the kitten is actually a cougar cub and that its cougar family have made themselves at home in the cave.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 20 : Panda goes on a mission to return a lost phone to the girl of his dreams and encounters various obstacles along the way including the Mad Scientist from “Grizz Helps”.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 19 : Chloe and the Bears take a road trip to see a meteor shower. Ice Bear, the only one licensed to drive, is put in charge, which becomes harder than he thought, especially when they pick up a hitchhiker.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 18 : The Bears have lunch with Ranger Tabes, but when Tabes’s lunch gets stolen, Tabes goes into full on detective mode to find the culprit.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 17 : When the local lake is overcrowded with tourists, the Bears have fun at Charlie’s private lake. However, trouble rises when the Bears mistakenly make its presence known on social media.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 16 : The baby bears become prizes for a carnival game in hopes of being won and taken to a new home, but the game owner will do anything to keep the Bears from leaving.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 15 : While Grizz and Ice Bear help Lucy with her deliveries, Panda tries to impress Lucy by taking care of her allergic younger brother, Clifford.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 14 : Ranger Tabes leads a troop of young girls into a cave expedition, and brings Grizz as their cave expert. However, things get intense when Tabes and Grizz butt heads.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 13 : For his community college art project, Panda is inspired to paint a picture of Charlie. Panda gives the painting to Charlie, but when he is offered a chance to showcase his art, Panda must get the painting back.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 12 : While playing with a potato gun, Chloe and Ice Bear lose her prized hoodie to the dog, nicknamed The Demon, next door so they set out on a mission to retrieve it.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 11 : When Charlie hurts his foot while trying to adjust the bears’ satellite dish, the bears must sneak him into a hospital for medical assistance.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 10 : When they learn that Ice Bear is a talented barista, the bears turn the cave into a popular coffee shop. However, things go awry when in order to keep up their coffee’s quality, Grizz and Panda give Ice Bear some caffeine despite his warnings.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 9 : In a BBC-style nature documentary, an omniscient narrator covers the bears’ morning when they run out of food and must head to the grocery store.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 8 : Charlie meets a creature just like him named Ralph (voiced by John DiMaggio) and befriends him, but Ralph turns out to be a cruel prankster which troubles the bears.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 7 : When Chloe’s professor is too mean to give her any face time to talk over her failing grade, the bears take matters into their own hands by kidnapping him. However, this professor turns out to be rather conniving and has the bears turn on each other.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 6 : New neighbors set up camp next to the cave. The bears love it at first, but when Grizz overhears them talking about their questionable previous bear encounters, he begins an investigation.

3x5 $100 - Apr. 10, 2017

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 5 : The baby bears’ dreams come true when they discover a $100 bill; but when they can’t bear to spend it, they have difficulty letting go.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 4 : Panda uses an app to find a friend with whom he has more in common, but things take a turn for the worse when the new friend gets too possessive.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 3 : In order to appear on a successful kids show, Nom Nom must complete anger management- with Grizz as his therapist.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 2 : The bears become stranded on a subway platform after missing their train, but while waiting, they must recover some lost items.

We Bare Bears Season 3 Episode 1 : Grizz gets cast in a movie about a Grizzly Bear! But Grizz soon realizes the movie’s depiction of grizzly bears is not what he had in mind.