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Poster Vampirina: Season 1

Vampirina: Season 1 2017

Vampirina Season 1 :

25 Episodes

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 25 : Nanpire and Grandpop the Great visit to celebrate the Blood Moon Festival. When Vee doesn’t get the snow day she was hoping for, Demi casts a spell to help.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 24 : Vee helps prepare the house for the family’s first Halloween; the family worries about its secret getting out. Vee doesn’t know what to make for the inventor fair; Gregoria suggests an invention that can bring dead flowers back to life; it works but not quite as expected.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 23 : Vee trains to become a countess after being named heir to Spookelton Castle in Transylvania. Vampirina helps Edgar film a spooky monster movie for the school film festival.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 22 : Returning to Transylvania, Vampirina brings along her Ghoul Girls band mates, Poppy and Bridget, to compete in a talent competition.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 21 : After losing her baby fangs, Vee worries they’ll never grow back. Nanpire passes down the family tea party tradition to Vee.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 20 : Vee gets a case of the vampire hiccups, and Poppy and Bridget help to scare them away. Boris’ old college roommate, Bigfoot, comes to stay at the Scare B&B.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 19 : Boris gets an invitation to reunite with the Scare-Devils, an acrobatic flying troupe. Vee and Poppy run a lemonade stand, with a little help from Chef Remy.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 18 : Mary-Margaret Mummyton visits the Scare B&B for Mummy’s Day. Vee hosts a dance party at the Scare B&B to celebrate Dance-lvania Day.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 17 : Vampirina gets stage fright during a ballet performance. Vampirina and her friends help the ghost pirate Rusty Topsail search for treasure.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 16 : Vee and her family get scared during the town’s anniversary celebration. While the Scare B&B is getting its centennial clean, Demi uses a spell to make the process faster, but accidentally conjures troublesome dust bunnies.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 15 : Vee tries to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Ghoulentine’s Day but mixes up her cards! When Mr. Gore needs a substitute teacher, Oxana decides to step in.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 14 : Vee’s family and her puppy get invited to Nanpire’s house. The scare B&B gets a two-headed guest just in time for the friendship festival.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 13 : Vee and her parents catch batty fever, so Demi and Gregoria try to make a potion to cure it. Vee and Demi help Bridget practice for poetry day.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 12 : Wolfie shrinks, so Vee and Gregoria get a critternarian for help. A monster named Buttons stays at the Scare B&B.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 11 : Gregoria gets sold during spring cleaning, and then Vee and Demi go try to get her back. Vee takes Wolfie to a dog show.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 10 : Vampirina’s favorite band, The Scream Girls, come to stay at the Scare B&B! Vee invites her friends over for a family game night.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 9 : While playing with a magical necklace, Vee is transformed into a human and Poppy into a vampire! A class parrot named Kiwi threatens to reveal Vee’s secret.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 8 : Vee and her friends play hide and shriek, and help Bridget find a perfect hiding spot. Witches visit the Scare B&B.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 7 : Demi brings Chef Remy Bones to the Scare B&B to cook a meal for a guest, but he has trouble making human food. Vee, Poppy, and Bridget participate in the Woodchuck Woodsies event.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 6 : The Hauntleys and the Peeplesons go camping. When Matilda has trouble going to the Scare B&B, she ends up at Bridget’s house.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 5 : Vee and her friends babysit a naughty vampire named Nosey, who happens to be Vee’s baby cousin. Vee protects Demi from humans who are ghost hunters.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 4 : While Demi tries to help Vee and Poppy cure a spell, Oxana tries to distract Edna. Vee, Poppy, and Bridget try to make King Peppy feel better because all the visitors want to see dinosaurs.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 3 : Vee and Poppy prepare a party. After Gregoria teaches Vee and Poppy a new dance, Edgar makes a video and it becomes viral.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 2 : Vee invites Poppy and Bridget for a sleepover. On Vee’s first day of school, she gets frightened during her class photo and leans on her new friend, Poppy, for support.

Vampirina Season 1 Episode 1 : Vampirina, also known as Vee, is very anxious about being able to make new friends after she and her family relocate from Transylvania to a new home in Pennsylvania, as she adjust to being the new kid in town, and adapting to the human world.