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Poster Unforgotten: Season 1

Unforgotten: Season 1 2015

Unforgotten Season 1 : When the bones of a young man are found beneath the footings of a demolished house, an investigation begins that will unravel the lives of four people who have been waiting for this moment for nearly forty years, as they discover that the past can’t, and won’t, stay buried forever.

6 Episodes

Unforgotten Season 1 Episode 6 : As the investigation into Jimmy’s death concludes, Father Robert finds that revealing the truth has lasting repercussions and Maureen lays her son Jimmy to rest.

Unforgotten Season 1 Episode 5 : As the investigation into Jimmy’s death continues, Sir Phillip Cross makes a difficult decision while Father Robert comes clean to his family and the police.

Unforgotten Season 1 Episode 4 : The investigation into Jimmy’s death continues, as Cassie and Sunny question Sir Phillip Cross.

Unforgotten Season 1 Episode 3 : As the investigation in to Jimmy’s death continues, Cassie and Sunny visit Father Robert Greaves hoping to identify the mysterious Jo-Jo.

Unforgotten Season 1 Episode 2 : DCI Cassie Stuart begins to identify the people mentioned in the diary of Jimmy Sullivan.

Unforgotten Season 1 Episode 1 : When a skeleton is unearthed, a car key found near the body is the only clue to the identity of the victim.