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Poster Tsuredure Children: Season 1

Tsuredure Children: Season 1 2017

Tsuredure Children Season 1 :

12 Episodes

Tsuredure Children Season 1 Episode 3 : Chiaki and Kana have apparently been dating for a year, but you wouldn’t know it. Matsuura gets rejected. Her senpai annoys her out of her mind. Yamane’s crush, Kurihara, asks her out on a date. He malfunctions. Sugawara offers to help Takano with cleaning duty. He thinks she […]

Tsuredure Children Season 1 Episode 2 : Furuya’s sister, Hotaru, doesn’t want him dating Minagawa — or anyone, for that matter. Kaga has a hard time caring about anything, and Sasahara has a hard time pitching anything — especially the astronomy club. Goda is dense as hell. Takano is about to walk home in the […]

Tsuredure Children Season 1 Episode 1 : Takase’s crush wants to talk to him about something, but she beats around the bush. Minagawa confesses to Furuya-kun — or does she? Akagi catches Kaji smoking. He could rat her out, but he has different plans. Saasahara wants to confess to her crush before he graduates, but […]