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Poster Tsugumomo: Season 2

Tsugumomo: Season 2 2020

Tsugumomo Season 2 :

12 Episodes

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 12 : Kazuya’s mother, Kanaka, brought to life with Miurahi’s shard by black-obi Azami’s two halves, proves to be a formidable opponent even to gods. After Kukuri and Kiriha are killed and all seems lost, Kazuya’s sister Kasumi and her hourglass Tsugumomo Saori trap Kanaka in a time-freezed state. This gives […]

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 11 : The Tsukumogami from Mayoika Village arrive on a flying boat. During the confrontation with the Mayoikan Miurahi, who carries the shard from the goddess he killed, Kukuri uses her last resort to defeat him. To everyone’s shock, Azami interferes and her true intentions are revealed, putting Kazuya in a […]

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 10 : Taguri asks for help from Takamagahara, who manages the gods that govern Japan. Sunao Sumeragi and her sword-tsukomogami Kotetsu come live at Kazuya’s house. Akito and his team go to Mayoika Village and are immediately attacked. They learn the Radical Tsukomogami are comsuming Humans to increase their power. Sunao […]

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 9 : Akito and Mimane join Kazuya, Kiriha, and local goddess Taguri Kanayama in battle against Tsukumogami from Mayoika Village intent on obtaining Kukuri’s shard. Meanwhile she is attacked by a second group of Mayoikans betting on her weakened state to kill her. As Akito and Mimane return home, Arumi informs […]

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 8 : Akito and Mimane have joined the troubleshooters office, and will be helping Kazuya and his friends with exorcising troublesome amasogi. The only problem is that they’re also secretly part of the group that has been causing amasogi incidents!

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 7 : The tsugumomo from the lost village of Mayoiga run into trouble when they end up having to work with Kiriha and Kazuya to escape a series of amasogi incidents.

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 6 : A mysterious group of students has been causing amasogi to appear in town. But where did they come from, and what are they after?

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 5 : Sunao’s partner, the katana tsukumogami Kotetsu, has still not woken up. With things looking desperate, the young swordswoman turns to Kazuya and Kiriha for help in attempting to save her partner’s life.

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 4 : Thanks to her unique condition that causes her to attract supernatural trouble, Kagami Kazumi acts as an exorcist with the help of her partner, the fully incarnated spirit of an obi sash, Kirio… wait, what?!

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 3 : Kazuya’s friend Shirou has a tendency to ask girls out without a lot of planning or concern about the outcome. Just when it seems like that approach has finally managed to endear himself to a girl, the looming threat of an amasogi puts a damper on any potential romance.

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 2 : Kazuya and Kiriha had previously won a duel against the hot-headed tsukumogami-wielding Sunao. After her defeat, the young swordswoman takes the lessons she was taught by the duo to heart, and now turns to Kazuya for some help with a parental problem…

Tsugumomo Season 2 Episode 1 : Thanks to his unique condition that causes him to attract supernatural trouble, Kagami Kazuya acts as an exorcist with the help of his partner, the fully incarnated spirit of an obi sash, Kiriha. Realizing that Kazuya’s status as a literal trouble magnet could be more than the two of […]