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Poster The Trial: Season 1

The Trial: Season 1 2019

The Trial Season 1 :

8 Episodes

The Trial Season 1 Episode 8 : While having drinks with her father at Palazzo Te’s bar, Elena comes to a sinking realization. The murder weapon is recovered, identifying the killer.

The Trial Season 1 Episode 7 : To force her to withdraw Ivan Zaia as a witness, Ruggero blackmails Elena. Urged by Ruggero to name her father as a suspect, Linda takes the stand.

The Trial Season 1 Episode 6 : Using cellphone records, Elena identifies the man on the scooter. A detail Arrigoni mentioned about Nicola Tomei leads Ruggero to a shocking discovery.

The Trial Season 1 Episode 5 : Discrediting photos of Elena hit the press. To create reasonable doubt, Ruggero calls to the stand Nicola Tomei, but Elena has done her homework on him.

The Trial Season 1 Episode 4 : Linda’s father orders Ruggero to cross a line. Andreoli testifies he found DNA evidence in Palazzo Te’s garden. Ruggero pursues the catering van lead.

The Trial Season 1 Episode 3 : Silvia admits a motive to Elena, and gives Ruggero a piece of intel. The Monaco family’s maid and Claudio’s ex paint a damaging portrayal of Linda.

The Trial Season 1 Episode 2 : The trial begins: Elena presents party photos, a dress tear and a witness with sharp hearing to build a murder scenario. Linda’s alibi is questioned.

The Trial Season 1 Episode 1 : After a 17-year-old girl is found dead in a canal, a public prosecutor makes a shocking discovery about her that puts a planned leave from work on hold.