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Poster The Bureau: Season 2

The Bureau: Season 2 2016

The Bureau Season 2 :

10 Episodes

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 10 : Duflot lectures his team about loyalty, then offers to resign, but his boss refuses to accept. The DGSE investigates Debailly’s disloyalty and interviews his colleagues. Debailly takes the suicide bomber’s place as cameraman for the interview with Boumaza. In Iran, the CIA has agreed to trade one of […]

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 9 : The suicide bomber pulls out of the mission against Boumaza, and Debailly steps into the operation, travelling to Syria but swearing his team to secrecy. He finishes his letter to Prune. DGSE hears that Marina is being interrogated by the Iranian secret police, who are torturing Zamani. The […]

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 8 : Dulfot goes to interview Marina personally about how the CIA managed to recruit Zamani. Marie-Jeanne wants to exfiltrate Marina, but she is overruled. Zamani gets caught texting his handler from an Iranian government meeting; his arrest leads to Marina’s. Meanwhile, Duflot questions Nadim about Lefevbre, but he sticks […]

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 7 : Continuing her meeting with Debailly, Nadia insists that DGSE help her escape from her forced role as figurehead for the Syrian rebels. Debailly decides to compromise Nadim by forging his application for asylum; he defects, and Nadia is taken away to a safe house. Debailly and Dr Balmes […]

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 6 : Boumaza takes Sisteron into Syria. DGSE decides not to attack, to protect its local agents. He hears that Turkish forces have his sister, and exchanges Sisteron for her, after cutting off his foot. DGSE ask Debailly back unofficially to lead a team to hunt Boumaza; he plans assassination […]

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 5 : Duflot discovers that Debailly disregarded his order to Marina not to contact Zamani, dismisses him for misconduct, and reinstates Marie-Jeanne as handler. But Duflot’s boss decides Marina should continue cultivating Zamani. Debailly maintains contact with the CIA. Nadia, visiting France, refuses to see him. Meanwhile, Sisteron sets out […]

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 4 : DGSE receives a report that Nadia has been executed in Syria, but the CIA has warned Debailly to anticipate false reports, and agrees to work with him in return for his Iranian source. Marina is interrogated by the Pasdaran, then released, and she returns to Paris. Duflot tells […]

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 3 : The DGSE recruits the jihadist’s sister, planning to trap and kill Boumaza. Meanwhile the Iranian secret police continues to investigate Marina, and DGSE discovers this from a source. Marina is recalled to Paris, but leaves on an expedition before receiving the message, and is arrested. In Syria, Judge […]

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 2 : Debailly recalls when he first met Nadia, and continues to agonise about her fate. The CIA confirms its interest in Zamani, but Debailly and Marie-Jeanne fall out over Marina’s mission; Debailly persuades Deflot to replace her with him as Marina’s handler. Debailly tells Marina to get close to […]

The Bureau Season 2 Episode 1 : Marina begins to socialise with young Iranians, including Zamani, the son of a well-connected minister. She finds adapting to the internal politics a challenge. The Americans fail to rescue Nadia in an ambush in Lebanon. Debailly threatens to withdraw co-operation; the CIA retaliates by threatening to betray him, […]