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Poster The Bureau: Season 1

The Bureau: Season 1 2015

The Bureau Season 1 :

10 Episodes

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 10 : Debailly asks DGSE to help Nadia, but is refused. He attracts the CIA by approaching the Syrians, purporting to represent the Americans, and takes time off to meet the CIA (revealed as the flashforwards shown from Episode Two). Dr Balmes suggests his motivation is not love for Nadia, […]

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 9 : ISIS threatens to execute Cyclone; Debailly is asked to work on his rescue. Nadim tries to blackmail him with Nadia’s life, wanting him to betray Syrian sources; Debailly refuses to do so. The Americans pull out of the Sahara operation; DGSE suspects they may have a mole. Marina […]

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 8 : Nadia refuses to betray her country, and is angry at Lefevbre’s revelations. Ill from the stress of her situation, she confesses to Nadim, and is flown back to Syria. The Russian FSB confronts DGSE and buys its silence. In Algeria, DGSE fails to plant a bug on the […]

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 7 : Debailly continues to be tailed by the Russians. The DGSE meet an Algerian with information about Cyclone. They decide to recruit Nadia; Marie-Jeanne realises that Debailly has not told her the full truth, and confronts him. She also helps Marina compel a second colleague to refuse the Iran […]

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 6 : Debailly continues to investigate the leads on Cyclone. Nadim traces Debailly’s daughter Prune and starts asking about him. Marina and another agent force a colleague at the Institute to refuse the secondment to Iran. Debailly realises that the Syrians and Russians are tailing him, and finally tells Duflot […]

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 5 : DGSE makes contact with Algerians holding Cyclone, and Sisteron goes to Algeria. The Syrians continue to investigate Paul Lefevbre, testing him by mugging him in the street. They also seek help from the Russians. Meanwhile, DGSE puts Marina through a surprise mock interrogation. DGSE is also concerned that […]

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 4 : The episode starts with a flashforward of Debailly continuing to explain his story. Nadim investigates Paul Lefevbre, and tells Nadia not to see him again. But he finds them having dinner, and interrogates Lefevbre. Nadia confesses her true reason for being in Paris, and Debailly realises that their […]

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 3 : Marina starts work at the Institute of Earth Physics. A brief scene shows Debailly, connected to a polygraph, continuing to recount his story. The DGSE interrogates Gherbi to confirm he is not also working for Algerian intelligence. Duflot’s brother-in-law works undercover in the Sahara Desert. Meanwhile, Nadia’s visits […]

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 2 : Debailly is still under routine surveillance, whilst resuming his affair with Nadia under his cover identity Paul Lefevbre. He starts to question Nadia’s reason for being in Paris. Meanwhile, the DGSE hires psychologist Dr Balmes, and asks her to review his state of mind. Agent Gherbi is exfiltrated […]

The Bureau Season 1 Episode 1 : Agent Malotru (Debailly) is recalled to Paris after six years undercover in Damascus, and ends his affair with Nadia El Mansour. In Algiers, agent Cyclone is arrested, drunk, despite being avowedly teetotal. Debailly struggles to forget Nadia and to return to a more normal working life. He is […]