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Poster Super Wings!: Season 1

Super Wings!: Season 1 2015

Super Wings! Season 1 :

52 Episodes

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 52 : Trevor is part of a dance troupe with his four friends. They are named Carmen, Su Jung, Victor, and Rada. Mrs. Meckle owns a theatre where they practice their dance moves. Their dance show is called “Feet Beat.” In order to get the word out about their performance, […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 51 : Colette is preparing to go to a fairy tale costume ball at a château. After Jett arrives at her farm, she needs to go to the ball, but she and her mother have not started doing the farm chores yet. Jett volunteers his time to do the chores […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 50 : Ayşe loves to be called a princess by her father. He is a hot air balloon tour guide. Also, Ayşe wants to be granted three wishes from a genie. Jett volunteers to be a genie for her. Her first wish was having ice cream on a cone. Her […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 49 : Carlos is dressed up as a knight. Also, he named his horse Salvador. With his father’s permission, Carlos and Jett go out on an adventure. This time, Carlos wants to save a princess in distress. That “princess” is Carlos’ friend Isabel. The main problem here is that she […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 48 : Jett takes a guitar to Shanna in Jamaica, who plays in her family reggae band. They are invited to perform on a ship but miss the boat. Mira comes and transforms a barge into a cool floating stage.

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 47 : Aisha’s pet fish, Sir Salty, is lonely and depressed. She wants to cheer him up by having a castle for his fish bowl. Unfortunately, that idea did not work. Therefore, Aisha makes the decision to send her fish to a coral reef and release him for good. On […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 46 : Cecily cannot wait for her package to arrive. Once she gets it, she names the teddy bear Spencer. When she hugs it, it says “I sure do.” Next, Jett and Cecily play the bear in her bedroom, but she wants to go outside to play in the backyard. […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 45 : Katina wants to be the conductor for a pretend train ride with her friends. On their way to the top of Santorini, Katina and Evi have an argument on who is the conductor for this train ride. Unfortunately, it led to a broken rope. How is Jett going […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 44 : Ruma needs to help her mother get fruit from a market. However, she needs Jett’s help on how to ride her new bike. Eventually, she can ride it without any assistance. After getting some fruit from a market, Ruma and Jett head back to Ruma’s houseboat, but the […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 43 : Stig wants to make the biggest snowman in Finland. Jett gets permission from Stig and his father to join in making one. Stig pretends that Jett’s snowball is small, in comparison with his own snowball. However, Jett loses his grip on his big snowball, after lifting it. On […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 42 : Angelo lost his dog, Pookie Paws, at a nearby and abandoned mine. His grandfather used to work at that particular mine. Jett agrees to help Angelo and his grandfather, in order to search for the missing dog. They ride on a minecart to one of the passageways. After […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 41 : Li-Li and Xiaoming are practicing their lion dance moves at a dance school. However, they have trouble synchronizing their dancing together. Also, they are the school’s best dancers. Therefore, they get to do a lion dance at a nearby festival. When practicing their lion dance, Li-Li and Xiaoming […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 40 : Dirk is helping his sister, Lina, and his friend, Mbali, find their toys. Dirk concludes that an animal was responsible in taking them. With Jett’s and Mbali’s help, Dirk suspects that either an elephant, a giraffe, or a lion may have taken the toys. In the end, their […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 39 : Pilar, Fernanda, and Luis visit Pilar’s uncle, Nestor, at a local airport. It can only accommodate small planes. When Jett arrives, he is greeted with a big welcome by Pilar and her two friends. What is more astonishing to Jett is that they want to ride with him […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 38 : Cassie is going on a treasure hunt, along with her uncle, Eddie, and her parrot Ginger. Jett gets permission from Cassie to go with them, too. First, they enter a cave. Second, Jett presses a button, in which they all end up sliding down towards another part of […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 37 : Meena is a dancer at Ms. Patel’s dance palace, along with five of her friends. They are practicing their dance moves for a show at a park that very night. However, when Meena opened her package, all the cloth inside were white. Her original order was for colorful […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 36 : An awkward moment for Jett: Marek’s family moved out from that Prague address. Therefore, he cannot deliver Marek’s package. As a way to find him, Jett flies to the Old Town Square and search for him there. After he arrives at the square, Jett starts to become depressed […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 35 : Stephen’s father is a firefighter and the fire chief. He was supposed to go to Stephen’s school for Job Day. However, there was a fire in the mountains and must be dealt with immediately. As for Stephen’s alternate choice, Jett volunteers his time to go to Job Day […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 34 : Yun and his classmates are going to a space centre for a school tour. As a bonus for the group, they get to see a real space shuttle launch from a mission control center. However, Yun got separated from his classmates because he loved the shuttle simulator so […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 33 : Moritz is a magician. He is having his first magic show at a theatre. Jett agrees to be Moritz’s assistant. The show starts well, but it turns for the worst, when Marcel the rabbit starts being mischievous. First, he hops away with the magician’s hat from Moritz’s head. […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 32 : Ella and her mother are going to Antarctica, in order to drop off three lost emperor penguins by boat. Jett agrees to go along with them. Ella keeps the penguins in check by using a whistle. Ella sees Antarctica in her sights, but a ginormous waterspout is blocking […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 31 : Ruby stars on her own nature show called “Ruby Talks to the Animals”. Joshua is Ruby’s friend and camera operator for the show. Ruby seems to have a talent for understanding animal behaviours. She interviews an emu, a koala, and a mother kangaroo. When Ruby starts having an […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 30 : Tendai is a member of the Zebra Scouts, along with her brother Munaki and friend Ruva. Their scout leader is named Robert. The three members’ objective is to receive a nature explorer’s badge for each of them. To do that, they need to retrieve three items: a largest […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 29 : Noah is an inventor. At his laboratory, he unveils to Jett a dinosaur nicknamed the “Tyblockasaurus Rex.” Once Noah inserts the battery, the dinosaur comes to life. However, when Jett tries out the dinosaur’s remote control, it goes out of control. It smashes out the lab door and […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 28 : Sven’s parents agree to make cheese using Sven’s recipe. Upon arrival there, Sven teaches Jett how to make homemade Swiss cheese, but with mixed results. On top of that, after all the cheese wheels were loaded onto a horse-driven wagon, Jett had accidentally spooked the horse. Therefore, some […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 27 : Alex and Adriana are a brother and sister racing team. They are participating in a soap box derby, by creating a car shaped like a hot dog. Alex has the honor of driving it. Unfortunately, during the race, he goes off course and ends up in real danger […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 26 : Hemi’s father is a mail carrier. After he leaves home, Jett arrives and gives the package to Hemi. Also, Jett gets permission to go to Hemi’s primary school and to have dinner with her family. After both Jett and Hemi entered the restaurant, Hemi’s father phoned and said […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 25 : Naiyan helps around at her father’s elephant sanctuary. When Jerome tries to help her at bath time, Boonying (a young elephant) gets scared and runs away. Unfortunately, Boonying stops running at the top of a cliff. A net has been set up by Naiyan and her dad at […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 24 : The twin brothers, Tomás and Manuel, are having a birthday fiesta. However, the whole situation ends up being a competition in who has the best party between them. Without anyone looking, the two piñatas got loose from the tree and went over the wall. Jett has no luck […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 23 : Willem won an art contest and his prize was to create a big painting on a wall. However, Willem’s family just moved into the area. Therefore, he has no friends at that moment. At the wall itself, Jett helps Willem get eleven new friends to assist him. The […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 22 : Sam wants to take instant pictures of some birds-of-paradise for his younger sister, Angie. They see one, but it was too far away for a good picture. Jett tried to catch it, but it was too fast for him. How is Sam going to get the pictures he […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 21 : Sen and her friend, Kim, loves to hear Kelly’s music. Unfortunately, the big Kelly concert is sold out and they cannot go there. In a twist of fate, Kelly’s van is stuck in front of Sen’s house. Jett tries to help her get unstuck, but to no avail. […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 20 : Brigita is hosting a costume party at her castle for her friends Adrian and Jenny. Brigita starts telling a spooky story about the very castle they are in. She says that there is a secret room somewhere inside. After hearing some spooky sounds, everyone goes to the library […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 19 : Martine helps her father, a baker, at their family’s Paris pastry shop. He created a big and tall layer cake that needs decorating. The cake’s destination is a party at the top of the Eiffel Tower. However, during the decorating process, both Martine and Jett had accidentally destroyed […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 18 : Anders is participating in a dog sled race. He asks Jett to join his team and Jett agrees. Also, Jett learns mushing words, like “Hike!” (get moving). However, after taking a small lead, the dogs gets distracted by an arctic fox. Therefore, Jett and Anders went off course […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 17 : Karl is going to viking camp. Unfortunately, he has little self-confidence and is afraid of almost anything. However, his bravery and quick thinking is put to the test twice on his first day at camp. Can Karl face his fears, save Jett, and help his camp mates from […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 16 : Yugi is a member of the Paper Rangers, along with his friends Mosiko and Haru. There was one more member named Namiko, but her family was moving away. The three-member team builds a paper robot called the Jumbo Roboto: a parting gift for Namiko. Once they get to […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 15 : Yuri is part of a circus family called the Flipidovskis. The circus is ready to go, but the rest of his family has not arrived yet. They are on a train that got stopped by an avalanche and by a destroyed railway bridge. Meanwhile, the audience is getting […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 14 : Lulu and her brother, Jelani, are going to participate in a village festival. However, they need to practice their drumming skills. When they went off to get a snack, a mountain gorilla came down from a tree and starts beating the drums. Unfortunately, the gorilla gets scared and […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 13 : Drew is part of the red team at an ice hockey game. He and his fellow players are up against the blue team. However, he is mostly nervous, especially when he is being watched by many people in the stands. Can Drew overcome his anthropophobia and help his […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 12 : Akiki wants to be an archaeologist, like his grandfather Sallah. He wants to help his grandfather get the one cat figure that has eluded him: a Great Golden Cat. At the excavation site, Jett sets things in motion, by pressing a secret button to a secret and unexplored […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 11 : Camilla is participating in the Rio Carnival with her father. However, she needs to practice her samba dance moves. Once she and her father arrive at the Sambadrome, they have a great time. That is, until a flat tire stopped the entire show from moving on. How is […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 10 : Numbayar lives in a ger with her father. She is very fond of stars. However, Numbayar had accidentally threw the package of stars in the air, causing them to land on her herd of sheep. How are Jett and Numbayar going to get those stars off the sheep?

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 9 : Lorna is participating in a road race against four other competitors. If she wins this race, then she can qualify to run in Africa’s big race. Along the way, Lorna had to stop temporarily, due to a herd of so called wildebeest well that is what they call […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 8 : Callum wants to play the bagpipe, in order to bring Nessie out from under the loch’s surface. However, he created a bubble so large that it sucks the bagpipe into itself. On top of that, Jett could not catch it in time, before it went into the loch. […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 7 : Riley is directing a film called “Alien Monster from Planet Cool” and wants Jett to be in it. His other friends for this movie are Victoria and Jerald. During the filming, Riley starts to become emotional and arrogant. When he tells Victoria to scream, she ends up saying […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 6 : Ali wants to play in the snow, despite that there is none in the Sahara. Once he gets his sled, he goes toward a nearby dune to try it out. However, Ali realizes that the sled would only work better with snow. How is Jett supposed to bring […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 5 : Princess Maribel is hosting a tea party for her royal friends. The reason for this occasion is to present the princess’ five puppies a collar of their own. However, the puppies got loose, took the collars, and disappeared into a garden maze. Can she and Jett lead the […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 4 : Kelani is participating in a hula dance contest. In order for Kelani to go there, she and her family must pass by an erupting volcano. Can Jett help her get there in time?

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 3 : Luca is organizing a masquerade ball at his house. Unfortunately, he did nearly forget to deliver the invitations to his friends. On top of that, both Jett and Luca end up stuck in a “traffic jam” at a canal. Can Jett help Luca finish the deliveries in time […]

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 2 : Mei’s father owns and operates a popular Chinese dumpling restaurant. However, he is so busy that he may not make it to see his daughter’s and her friends’ shadow play that very night. How is Jett going to help Mei’s father get to the play in time?

Super Wings! Season 1 Episode 1 : Akash wants to participate in a kite-flying festival. He has a kite, but his younger brother, Rami, wants to play with it, too. Unfortunately, two red pandas took the kite and flew into the air with it. Can Jett figure out how the brothers and the red pandas […]