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Poster Squad 38: Season 1

Squad 38: Season 1 2016

Squad 38 Season 1 : This comedy crime show is a drama depicting the process how a chief officer of revenue collection unit with Seoul City and a fraudster work together to collect all of the unpaid taxes from high income taxpayers.

16 Episodes

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 14 : Baek Sung Il has formulated a plan and needs the whole team back to put it into action. The team needs a new member and it’s a familiar face. Is this face a trustworthy one?

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 13 : Some coordination between Madam Noh and Mi Joo leads to the opportunity for an early release for Jung Do. Has Baek Sung Il completely lost himself, or has he been waiting for Jung Do to get out all along?

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 12 : Sung Il and Jung Do need to get over their differences and make up. If and when they do, their biggest job yet awaits them. But will things go as smoothly as last time?

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 11 : What initially looks like another sly trick played by Jung Do leads to an untangling of a web of connections between City Hall and Seowon Police Department. Sung Il doesn’t know who to trust.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 10 : Accidentally thrown into the equation, Sung Hee’s acting on the fly will make or break the deal for the team. Sung Il struggles to balance his many roles.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 9 : Chief Director Ahn can smell the newfound dirtiness in his office, and tries going rogue to investigate Sung Il in action. The team’s 50 billion won scheme is in play.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 8 : The team has devised a new plan, and the Bang family is the target. The stakes are higher than ever, and with high stakes, comes plenty of danger.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 7 : Sung Il’s newfound confidence takes a tumble when he realizes that his team is being targeted by crooks. The path to honesty gets dangerous, with casualties in the crossfire.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 6 : Jung Do must try to get his target’s signature while also dodging detective Jae Sung.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 5 : Ma Jin Seok goes to check on his potential investment. Detective Sa Jae Sung is hot on Jung Do’s heels.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 4 : Sung Hee promises to retrieve the money from Chief Director Ahn. Jung Do comes up with a plan to snare Ma Jin Seok.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 3 : Sung Il reluctantly agrees to work with Jung Do, but doesn’t realize that also means recruiting a whole team of seedy delinquents.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 2 : Baek Sung Il’s detective friend has some ideas on how to nab the scammer. As they go after the scammer, they realize he might not be their only culprit.

Squad 38 Season 1 Episode 1 : Baek Sung Il is a veteran tax collector on the lower side of lower-middle class. In one week, him and his co-worker brother get hit with the same scam, by the same scammer. In the series opener, we meet our scammer.