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Poster Slasher: Season 1

Slasher: Season 1 2016

Slasher Season 1 : When Sarah Bennett returns to the small town where she was born and her parents were killed, she is plunged into a new, even bloodier murder mystery as history starts to repeat itself.

8 Episodes

Slasher Season 1 Episode 8 : The Executioner plans one last act of retribution while Sarah is comforted by Cam after Dylan’s dishonesty.

Slasher Season 1 Episode 7 : Convinced that Sarah is The Executioners final target, Tom Winston escapes from prison. Also Sarah discovers that Dylan knew about her past prior to meeting her.

Slasher Season 1 Episode 6 : Sarah learns of some unsettling information about her past from Tom Winston, which leads her to believe she knows the next target of the Executioner.

Slasher Season 1 Episode 5 : Sarah blames herself when another disturbing murder occurs. Meanwhile Allison has mixed reactions to Dylan’s TV commentaries about the killings.

Slasher Season 1 Episode 4 : Sarah believes the killer is using the seven deadly sins as part of their plan and is disappointed by the police chief’s lack of responsiveness. Unfortunately Sarah’s attempt to investigate the murders leads to misfortune.

Slasher Season 1 Episode 3 : A disturbing secret from Sarah’s past confirms her belief that the police have arrested the wrong person for the murders.

Slasher Season 1 Episode 2 : Sarah receives a gruesome package at her new gallery. The Executioner exacts justice on citizens of Waterbury. Sarah attempts to decipher a message in her parcel. Sarah’s grandmother pleads with her to leave town.

Slasher Season 1 Episode 1 : Sarah finds herself at the center of a series of copycat killings and visits the man who murdered her parents in prison and he imparts a cryptic message.