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Poster Reply 1988: Season 1

Reply 1988: Season 1 2015

Reply 1988 Season 1 :

20 Episodes

Reply 1988 Season 1 Episode 4 : While husbands and wives bicker intensely, it becomes apparent that the kids’ grades have fallen into the gutter. Parents and kids take different approaches to helping Taek deal with his Baduk loss.

Reply 1988 Season 1 Episode 3 : The parents disagree with how their spouse spent money. The children go on an overnight field trip and get into all sorts of trouble.

Reply 1988 Season 1 Episode 2 : Duk Seon is concerned about her family’s behavior at a funeral. The boys try and see an adult movie and deal with a vicious bully. The neighbors celebrate Taek’s Baduk victory.

Reply 1988 Season 1 Episode 1 : A group of teenagers come of age in 1988. As the Seoul Olympic games approach, there’s a growing gap between what they share with their parents and each other.