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Poster RejctX: Season 2

RejctX: Season 2 2020

RejctX Season 2 :

8 Episodes

RejctX Season 2 Episode 8 : Against all odds the Rejctx need to find their way out of this web of lies, deceit and blackmail. Does their friendship pre-vail? Is there a resolution? Who comes out winning, them or X??

RejctX Season 2 Episode 7 : All fingers point towards Hussain and Aarav and Kiara decide to confront him. Rene works with the Rejctx to hunt for X and the true identity of X is finally revealed.

RejctX Season 2 Episode 6 : While investigating Aarav gets closer to Jackie and Hussain finds himself in the thick of things. Meanwhile, Sid escapes from the hospital and Rene follows him. X is on top but the Rejctx are fighting hard. A shocking revelation comes to the fore.

RejctX Season 2 Episode 5 : X messages Aarav, Maddy, Harry, Parnomita, Misha and Sehmat to come to a dingy place. They are surprised to see each other but soon realise that all of them are being blackmailed by the same person. X has a job for them, something sinister that they can’t even imagine […]

RejctX Season 2 Episode 4 : Rejctx are on their way to dispose of a body when they run into Rene. Harry and Parnomitra expose Kim using the Bitch Board. After being exposed and expelled from school Kim decides to commit suicide on live camera. Feeling guilty, Harry and Parnomitra decide to shut down the […]

RejctX Season 2 Episode 3 : Officer Rene is admonished and taken off from the Jefferson School Case by her senior. Misha confronts Sehmat about her feelings for her and at a slam poetry event, Sehmat is attacked by a girl in the washroom. Misha comes to her rescue and a fight ensues leading to […]

RejctX Season 2 Episode 2 : Rene investigates Anuskha Rao’s case claiming that it is a murder and all fingers point towards Aarav Sharma. In an MMA event, Maddy wins the match which he was supposed to lose which puts Harry in a spot. To free Harry from the goons, X offers a way out. […]

RejctX Season 2 Episode 1 : At the school’s Prom party, Aarav meets Kiara on the terrace where they share a sweet moment before Aarav pushes Kiara off and she hangs from the ledge. Officer Rene visits the school to investigate Anushka Rao’s murder where she discovers that she was dating Aarav. Meanwhile, Kiara’s cousin […]