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Poster NEW GAME!: Season 2

NEW GAME!: Season 2 2017

NEW GAME! Season 2 :

12 Episodes

NEW GAME! Season 2 Episode 3 : Aoba’s dream of becoming a character designer comes true, though she has to touch up on the designs with Ko, and has to get everything finalized by Ko. Aoba sees that her designs that won at the character design competition had already been made into 3D by Hifumi, […]

NEW GAME! Season 2 Episode 2 : The character design competition gets announced at their flower viewing. Just like Ko’s designs for “Fairies’ Stories” was chosen right after she had joined the company after graduating high school, everyone has a chance to enter. Aoba reads the proposal that Shizuku and the other members of the […]

NEW GAME! Season 2 Episode 1 : It’s been a year since Aoba joined Eagle Jump, so she’s looking forward to being a senpai this year … Umiko makes a proposal for Shizuku.