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Poster My Love Story!!: Season 1

My Love Story!!: Season 1 2015

My Love Story!! Season 1 :

24 Episodes

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 24 : True love.

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 23 : Mesmerized by the cakes of Ichinose, the handsome patissier, Rinko is having a blast at her summer part-time job.

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 22 : With help from Takeo and Rinko, Yukika finally manages to tell Sunakawa her feelings. Yukika takes it even a step further by inviting Suna to go on a date with her to a zoo! Yet despite having had a great time there, Yukika looks unhappy…

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 21 : Every year, Suna has received an anonymous letter and chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Every time, the letter says, “I don’t need anything in return, but please like me.” One day, Takeo senses a strange presence behind them, and meets the sender of the letter, Yukika Amami. After […]

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 20 : Takeo is over the moon over his new little sister, Maki. With Valentine’s Day approaching, Takeo’s heart is set aflutter again since he has never gotten chocolates from a girl who liked him in his life. He can’t wait to see what Rinko will give him.

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 19 : Takeo’s mother’s due date is approaching, but she continues to engage in household chores with dangerous enthusiasm. She ridicules Takeo for being anxious for her well-being, but an unexpected incident causes her to evaluate her son.

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 18 : Takeo’s long-awaited birthday has finally arrived. Rinko really wants to make it a memorable one by attempting a first kiss. But Takeo’s obliviousness may ruin everything…

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 17 : Takeo and Rinko’s friends get together for a Christmas party. Takeo’s friend, Osamu Kurihara, reveals that he intends to ask Nanako out, but his numerous faux pas turn Nanako off. As the party draws to an awkward close, no one knows what will happen…

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 16 : Mariya Saijou tells Takeo that she likes him “as a person” after falling for Takeo, knowing full well that he already has a girlfriend. Being dense, Takeo takes her words literally, but what will he do once he finds out how she really feels?

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 15 : Mariya Saijou, a classmate of Takeo’s, would not count running as one of her favorite activities, but she ends up being assigned to a relay at the school festival along with Takeo. He tries to help her improve through practice. Mariya, who barely knows Takeo, gradually comes […]

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 14 : Takeo and Rinko end up going to MM Land with Ai, Oda, and Suna. While the two enjoy the various attractions of MM Land, Oda tries everything in his power to have Takeo and Ai have a moment alone together in the hopes that Ai can confess […]

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 13 : ore 13: One day, Okada meets pretty boy Oda. He’d been rejected by Suna’s sister Ai, and he wanted to have a word with Takeo, who was the cause of his rejection.

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 12 : When Rinko makes an offhand comment that she’d like the two of them to go to the same university, it motivates Takeo to study like his life depends on it. But Rinko’s first choice school is Murasakifuji, a top university. Takeo crams in preparation for a benchmark […]

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 11 : Summer means going to the beach! Takeo and Rinko’s crew get together for a beach outing. Always dazzled by Takeo’s superhuman abilities, Rinko’s plan is to set Takeo’s heart a-flutter with her swimsuit, but will it result in anything more?

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 10 : Takeo and Rinko head off to a mountain to have a picnic, but they lose their way. Takeo decides that his mission is to get Rinko home safe and sound, but Yamato’s only thought is about how they have to spend the night together. Will they be […]

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 9 : Rinko’s birthday is the same day Suna’s father is scheduled to undergo surgery. Takeo tries to honor Suna’s wishes by following through with his and Yamato’s birthday date, but Takeo can’t stop thinking about Suna’s plight. After much thought, Takeo decides to tell Rinko.

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 8 : Rinko’s birthday is fast approaching, and Takeo plans out their birthday date with Suna’s help. Sensing something amiss with Suna, Rinko suggests inviting Suna to their date, but Suna says that he has something he needs to do that day…

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 7 : Takeo’s asked by senpais in a Judo club to join them and participate in a match against their rivals, the Bianka High School Judo Club, a month later. Takeo agrees right away, and trains furiously as Rinko cheers him on. Will he win?

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 6 : Now that he has a girlfriend for the first time in his life, Takeo has been treating Rinko with kid gloves. But Rinko’s been acting unhappy of late, which leads Ai to believe that she’s hiding something from Takeo. What is Rinko’s secret, and what will Ai […]

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 5 : Makoto’s older sister Ai is shocked to learn that Takeo is dating. Having secretly harbored feelings of her own for Takeo, Ai is suspicious of Takeo’s girlfriend and launches her own investigation…

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 4 : Rinko’s crush wasn’t Makoto, but Takeo! Elated by having a girlfriend for the very first time, Takeo’s heart is about to burst from happiness. But Takeo’s true mettle is about to be tested when a major accident occurs during a singles meetup between his and Rinko’s friends…

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 3 : Takeo and Rinko finally meet alone. Although Takeo had thought that Rinko just wanted some relationship advice for approaching Makoto, Takeo is taken aback when Rinko starts crying.

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 2 : Takeo and Rinko are now text pals. Takeo’s heart skips a beat every time he gets a girly text from Rinko, but he believes Rinko has fallen for Suna and vows to make her dream come true.

My Love Story!! Season 1 Episode 1 : Takeo Gouda is a first-year high school student. Clocking in at 2 meters and 120 kilos, Takeo is a socially awkward hothead who’s straight as an arrow. One day, he saves a high school girl from a groper on a train, and falls in love with her […]