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Poster MotherFatherSon: Season 1

MotherFatherSon: Season 1 2019

MotherFatherSon Season 1 :

8 Episodes

MotherFatherSon Season 1 Episode 8 : Caden leaves the rehabilitation centre, returning to London and an uncertain future. Kathryn ponders the offer that Max has made to her. How will Caden react to the news? Can she ever trust Max to keep his word? And where will the nation find itself after the most divisive […]

MotherFatherSon Season 1 Episode 7 : Max is under the spotlight as a nation stands on the brink. And Kathryn must decide whether to sacrifice Caden for the sake of exposing Max.

MotherFatherSon Season 1 Episode 6 : Kathryn and Caden set out to get the truth on record, while Max collects a dossier of evidence on Caden’s time at the National Reporter.

MotherFatherSon Season 1 Episode 5 : Twenty years of family hurt and betrayal come to a head as the mother, the father and the son gather at a remote rural house near Caden’s rehab facility to delve into personal and political revelations. Will the family fight take the world stage?

MotherFatherSon Season 1 Episode 4 : With no prospect of returning to the role he had spent his life being groomed for, Caden has nothing to live for and begins spiraling downwards. Kathryn learns the dark secrets of Max’s media empire.

MotherFatherSon Season 1 Episode 3 : Kathryn dedicates herself full time to her son’s rehabilitation. As Caden painstakingly relearns basic skills, growing up for a second time, he falls for a brilliant and damaged military intelligence agent, Orla. Meanwhile, Max’s enemies are beginning to circle, sensing that his British media empire may be weakening.

MotherFatherSon Season 1 Episode 2 : With their son Caden fighting for his life in the hospital, the episode explores the story of Max and Kathryn’s relationship, and their battles for control over the future of their son. Meanwhile, beneath the sheen of respectability, terrible secrets are waiting to be unleashed that could threaten Max’s […]

MotherFatherSon Season 1 Episode 1 : A fractured family at the heart of politics and power is pulled together under catastrophic circumstances.