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Poster Marseille: Season 2

Marseille: Season 2 2018

Marseille Season 2 :

8 Episodes

Marseille Season 2 Episode 8 : Julia tries a new tactic to recover her memories, Jeanne takes a drastic step to protect her career, and Robert and Lucas plot to save their city.

Marseille Season 2 Episode 7 : As the city again mourns one of its own, Robert vows to track down the culprits. Lucas grapples with Jeanne’s news. Eric begins to unravel.

Marseille Season 2 Episode 6 : Sweeping changes at City Hall inflame tensions across Marseille. Eric tips Rachel off to Julia’s ordeal. Jeanne makes an unsettling discovery.

Marseille Season 2 Episode 5 : As Eric tries to avert a tragedy, Driss makes an unexpected announcement. A crisis leaves Lucas stuck in a difficult — and vulnerable — position.

Marseille Season 2 Episode 4 : Robert forges ahead with Julia’s research, Jeanne goes rogue, and Rachel takes a risk to help Tod. Meanwhile, Chahid prepares for his mission.

Marseille Season 2 Episode 3 : While Robert fights the stadium sale, Jeanne pressures Lucas to beef up the city’s security. Julia’s suspicions lead her into dangerous territory.

Marseille Season 2 Episode 2 : As Lucas adjusts to his new role, the death of a public figure rattles the city. Julia digs for information on a mystery man who’s suddenly vanished.

Marseille Season 2 Episode 1 : With the election thrown into turmoil, Lucas finds himself at the center of a political feeding frenzy. Rachel makes a dramatic public statement.