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Poster Letterkenny: Season 4

Letterkenny: Season 4 2017

Letterkenny Season 4 : This Letterkenny six-pack finds The Hicks holding court back at the produce stand, shootin’ the breeze in the spirit of (literal) harmony and MoDeans 2-getherness. Wayne tries to forget his former sweetie, Rosie, and Katy finally chooses between Hockey Players Reilly and Jonsey, leaving one half of the tight duo to lift solo. The Skids might still be on drugs and Christian leader Glen is actin’ weird again.

6 Episodes

Letterkenny Season 4 Episode 6 : The Bay Brothers return home for Hay and all of Letterkenny wants to be the one to throw them a party.

Letterkenny Season 4 Episode 5 : The Hicks attend a hot tub party at the McMurray’s. The Hockey Players decide to do whatever it takes to get gains.

Letterkenny Season 4 Episode 4 : Letterkenny locals put their special skills on display with their very own talent show.

Letterkenny Season 4 Episode 3 : Tanis recruits the Hicks, who recruits the Hockey Players, to help with a feud on the Rez.

Letterkenny Season 4 Episode 2 : This Hicks and the McMurrays defend the majestic Canada Goose down at the local golf course. The turf war for the Dollar Store continues.

Letterkenny Season 4 Episode 1 : It’s Gail’s birthday but in an effort to forget Rosie, Wayne is non-stop chorin’.