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Poster Keijo!!!!!!!!: Season 1

Keijo!!!!!!!!: Season 1 2016

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 :

12 Episodes

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 Episode 12 : Kaya, the number one player of the east, knocks off every player except Nozomi. However, one of Nozomi’s teammates presses her erect nipples against Nozomi’s back before being knocked off, allowing Nozomi to use the perfect Vacuum Butt Cannon and win the match. The girls graduate, and head on […]

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 Episode 11 : Nozomi and her group go into the final match which determines the winner, held atop a feudal era castle that sinks every time a player is eliminated. The east struggles against the west, losing every girl except Maya, who does not dodge Nozomi’s Vacuum Butt Cannon because of her […]

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 Episode 10 : Aoba and her group prepare to go in for the second match, determined to win the entire tournament. While her group seemingly struggles against the east, they use a number of set ups and tricks to get Aoba one-on-one. Aoba seems to struggle, but eventually reveal her power, that […]

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 Episode 7 : Nozomi has become less agile due to building muscle from her vacuum butt cannon move, so she is given special training where a rope is tied around her waist and the stem of a turnip, and she needs to pull it up by moving her buttocks and hips quickly, […]

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 Episode 6 : The elite class goes on a field trip to Kyoto, where they are divided into groups based on their fighting styles, and train with professional keijo players.

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 Episode 5 : Nozomi faces Kotone in the class-change race, who dodges all attacks while having her back turned, and chases Nozomi using Cerberus, a move where a ghostly image of a dog is manifested from her buttocks. The two collide, and Nozomi wins, as the running around had charged her vacuum […]

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 Episode 3 : The students are told what fighting style suits them – infighter, outfighter or counter – and do exercises. Nagisa tells Nozomi to not use the “vacuum butt cannon” move she used during the practice match, as it, while effective, could cause serious damage to her spine. Nozomi insists, so […]

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 Episode 2 : The students are doing some keijo exercises, one of which involves passing a beach ball around in a group, using only one’s buttocks. Nozomi’s team initially struggles, but Kazane is able to accurately guide them to where the ball will land by reading the wind currents, and they eventually […]

Keijo!!!!!!!! Season 1 Episode 1 : Nozomi partakes in try-outs at a keijo school alongside her friend Miyata and the rest of the new students. She stays in the game until only she and Hanabi are left: the two fight on equal footing, but Hanabi eventually knocks Nozomi into the water. Nozomi and Miyata pass […]