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Poster Jay Leno’s Garage: Season 3

Jay Leno’s Garage: Season 3 2017

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 :

16 Episodes

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 16 : From high-speed movie chases, to relaxing family vacations, Jay looks at every possible type of getaway, including criminal escapes, averting traffic tickets, avoiding discrimination, and getting away with your life.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 15 : Jay meets up with Bill Burr in a 65 Buick Riviera, checks out Adam Carolla’s collection of Paul Newman race cars, drives a Stanley Steamer up Mt. Washington, and learns about Nissan GT Academy where video gamers become professional racers.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 14 : Jay hits the drag strip with Dee Snider in the new Dodge Demon, heads to the largest borax mine in North America to drive a huge truck, gets an early look at the Bugatti Chiron with Jessi Combs and explores a brand-new electric sports car.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 13 : Jay meets famed driver Ben “The Stig” Collins to drive a 2018 Hyundai Kona, explores tanks and robots, climbs intense inclines in a Jeep Wrangler prototype, and competes against race car driver Bryce Menzies in a soapbox race.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 12 : Jay explores the most exciting alternatives to standard fuel, meets up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to check out the Governator’s G-Wagon, and goes deep into rural California to revisit a time when burning wood could run cars.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 11 : Jay hangs out with Travis Pastrana, meets famous stunt driver Debbie Evans who faces her fears for money, teaches Gilbert Gottfried to drive a new Ferrari, and talks saving lives and specialized vehicles with airport firefighters.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 10 : Jay becomes the first customer to receive Ford’s new GT, goes off-roading with comedian Alonzo Bodden, checks out a vehicle that can become anything you want on the big screen, and meets up with legendary newsman Ted Koppel.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 9 : Jay hangs out with Richard and Kyle Petty, heads to the Riverside County Fair to learn the art of tractor pulling, meets a girl who restored a Mustang and airplane with her dad and gets invited to a Shelby family reunion.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 8 : Jay meets actor Dax Shepard’s true love, a 1994 Buick Roadmaster, learns to rally with adrenaline-junkie Bucky Lasek, delivers pizzas with Papa John, donates a customized car to a disabled veteran and learns how to manage road rage with a yogi.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 7 : Jay takes a vintage belly tank racer out onto a dry lake bed, talks hand-crafted Bentleys with comedian Russell Peters, surprises an iconic Porsche customizer, and spends the day with a reformed bad boy who helps troubled youth.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 6 : Car lovers who never want to grow up; Michael Strahan and Josh Duhamel surprise a special little kid; four-story, motorized fire-breathing dinosaur; Pixar’s John Lasseter takes Jay on a tour of his 85-acre playground; grumpy comedian Jeremy Hotz.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 5 : Dedicated to the vehicular rule-breakers; Jay cruises in a 1969 Pink Panthermobile and chats with legendary customizer Ed Newton; inside Jeff Dunham’s wacky garage; giant art car made for Burning Man; Cadillac-turned-hot tub; car made from cannabis.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 4 : Jay challenges fellow comedian Alonzo Bodden to a semi-friendly dirt bike race, gets some pointers from IndyCar champion Scott Dixon, and hears the inspiring story of a champion racer who became the first quadriplegic with a driver’s license.

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 3 : Jay competes in a drifting race against his nemesis Tim Allen, learns the finer points of “mudding” in Georgia, slides over snowy slopes in a race against Katherine Legge, and participates in his first demolition derby

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 2 : Jay heads to Las Vegas to cruise around with Brad Garrett, goes on an adventure in J.B. Smoove’s boat-sized Lincoln, works up an appetite in a giant hot dog car, heads out on a training mission with the Marines and drives a VW bug

Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Episode 1 : Jay heads to President George W. Bush’s ranch to ask all about his famous Ford pickup, challenges Wanda Sykes to a race in a minivan, takes a ride with Billy Gardell, and gets his feathers ruffled by Gabriel Iglesias’ Smokey and the Bandit Trans-Am