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Poster Incorporated: Season 1

Incorporated: Season 1 2016

Incorporated Season 1 :

10 Episodes

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 10 : Ben’s mission reaches a critical juncture, Laura finds the thief, Theo ventures inside the wall, Elizabeth and Laura reckon with the fate of the clinic, and Julian tracks a killer.

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 9 : Ben’s ongoing investigation leads to a shock. Laura’s child patient reveals sobering facts about life outside the wall. Elizabeth and Julian finally enact their bold plan against Inazagi.

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 8 : After his strategy misfires, Ben’s backup plan risks his life and Elena’s rescue. Laura bypasses company policy to save a cardiac patient. Julian accepts Ben’s help to investigate a murder.

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 7 : Ben races to finish the Everclear device and help Spiga question an enemy agent, Laura brokers to save a girl’s sight and Theo’s skills are tested against a well-conditioned opponent from uptown.

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 6 : On a mission of mercy, Laura relives the harrowing events eight years ago that forever changed her life and her bonds with Elizabeth and Julian. Ben and Theo consider their next move after a sudden event.

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 5 : Ben improvises when Roger closes in on the truth about Elena, Laura takes her therapy to the next level, Elizabeth pressures Ben to finish a vital project and Julian aids a friend in need.

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 4 : The Larsons clash with Elizabeth over life choices. Theo resists an order to cripple a basketball prodigy. Roger seeks help uncovering Ben’s secrets. Aaron and Theo plan a daring heist.

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 3 : An exec from a rival company covertly offers valuable secrets, so Ben, Elizabeth, and Julian plan a defection. Laura responds to a domestic betrayal. In the past, Aaron and Elena meet again.

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 2 : Ben scrambles to deflect suspicion after the Spiga data breach. Laura offers to help when her mother’s policies evict an innocent family. Theo is forced into an important cage fight.

Incorporated Season 1 Episode 1 : In a corporate-controlled future, Spiga junior exec Ben Larson keeps secrets from family and co-workers; Laura, Ben’s wife, contemplates a life change; outsider Theo is offered a dangerous job.