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Poster Good Bones: Season 1

Good Bones: Season 1 2015

Good Bones Season 1 :

11 Episodes

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 11 : A desire to host big family gatherings, but a lack of space prompt an Indianapolis couple to contact Mina and Karen for a major $40,0000 renovation of their kitchen and dining room.

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 10 : A home renovation in the countryside for new clients with a big family, but a house that feels very closed off. Plans include sliding glass doors and large windows to bring in more natural light.

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 9 : After purchasing a duplex for $15,000, Karen and Mina get to work turning the cramped space with two sides into a single family home. Re-imaging the floor plan is easy, it’s staying on budget that’s a challenge with this project. Because it’s located in an outlying neighborhood that’s […]

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 8 : Mina and Karen restore a house in the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood with termite-infested walls and faulty foundation.

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 7 : Mina has mixed feelings when she agrees to help renovate her childhood home in the suburbs of Indianapolis, which definitely needs some updating, but first she has to convince her dad that change can be good. On the to-do list: a brand new kitchen, stairway and deck. Also: […]

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 6 : The mother-daughter team pay a high price to renovate a huge home that’s right next door to them. Once inside, they face big problems, including dirt, smells and sketchy construction.

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 5 : After buying a house for four thousand dollars, Mina and Karen discover water damage, dodgy water lines and foundation issues.

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 4 : Mina and Karen take a chance on a little house with big issues in a prime location, with the intent of transforming the troubled home into a charming bungalow.

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 3 : Mina and Karen splurge on an old house, and they have massive plans for the 2,100 square foot Victorian.

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 2 : Mother-daughter builders purchase a 512-square-foot house near downtown Indianapolis, tear it down to the studs, then get to work building it back up.

Good Bones Season 1 Episode 1 : Mina and Karen have renovated close to twenty homes in their downtown adjacent community, Fountain Square. They have hand selected their neighbors and raised property values resulting in their dream community. Having affected so much change in Fountain Square, they venture off into the adjacent Bates Hendricks community. […]