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Poster Game Shakers: Season 2

Game Shakers: Season 2 2016

Game Shakers Season 2 :

24 Episodes

Game Shakers Season 2 Episode 24 : After Trip fervently asks Babe for some Romantic advise for his friend ‘Chuck’, she comes to the suspicion that Trip is having a crush on her and tries everything to avoid an embarrassing situation at work.

Game Shakers Season 2 Episode 21 : In order to finish their new dance game on time, The Game Shakers have to wear a motion capture suit and dance their way through the next 48 hours.

Game Shakers Season 2 Episode 20 : When Dub and the Game Shakers swap Bunny for Hudson, the Game Shakers quickly regret it and have to figure out how to get Hudson back.

Game Shakers Season 2 Episode 19 : Babe and Kenzie are suspicious of Trip’s new fame-hungry girlfriend and are determined to find out if she’s using him to get closer to Double G.

Game Shakers Season 2 Episode 18 : After being snubbed in an online story about Game Shakers and a fight with Babe, Kenzie takes a job as a coffee shop waitress.

Game Shakers Season 2 Episode 17 : To settle a dispute over whether Freddie liked Carly or Sam from “iCarly” more, the Game Shakers track down Nathan Kress himself and try to get the answer out of him by any means necessary.

Game Shakers Season 2 Episode 16 : The Game Shakers set Hudson up with a let’s play account to help promote their games, but things quickly get out of hand when Hudson puts on Dub’s rocket boots for fun.

Game Shakers Season 2 Episode 7 : Babe blows the entire Game Shakers ad budget on a high-tech bus bench, only to find out the bench is a magnet for low-life’s and weirdos.