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Poster Foursome: Season 3

Foursome: Season 3 2017

Foursome Season 3 : This season the gang escapes to Beach Island for a relaxing winter break. But the writers of the Brayer Bulletin school newspaper are proving to be a real sunburn on their va-cay. And it isn’t long until Andie’s boy drama catches up to her on the island, making it clear that upon her return to Brayer, there’s a serious choice to be made.

10 Episodes

Foursome Season 3 Episode 10 : It’s prank day at Brayer with Stevenston as the foe, and the school gears up to beat those fancy hoes. Meanwhile, the Foursome rallies behind their girl when she faces a major decision.

Foursome Season 3 Episode 9 : Andie wants to get her normal back and the only way to do it is to undo Greer’s mind melting of her brother and hypnotize Alec!

Foursome Season 3 Episode 8 : Andie just wants a day to relax, but a battle of the boys throws a kink in her plans. Meanwhile, Kent and Josh face off in a slow-mo sexy scuffle to land their lady.

Foursome Season 3 Episode 7 : After Kent surprises Andie on the island, the couple spends the day tirelessly trying to rekindle their spark. But the budding flame is quickly extinguished when her friends reveal shocking news!

Foursome Season 3 Episode 6 : The Foursome head to the Swelter Shelter to sweat out their baggage. This hallucination station drops Andie off in the past and opens her eyes to old wounds.

Foursome Season 3 Episode 5 : Dakota’s bangin’ ex-girlfriend shows up on the island, and he enlists the Foursome’s help to de-swag his bag so his ex no longer wants his sex.

Foursome Season 3 Episode 4 : When the Foursome finds the beach bungalow’s log book during a crazy rainstorm, a scary tale unfolds.

Foursome Season 3 Episode 3 : When Courtney pees on a sacred Island Statue, the gang has to come up with fast cash or risk being kicked off the island.

Foursome Season 3 Episode 2 : The Foursome settle in on Beach Island and try to score invites to the Beach Island Bikini Bonanza! But when Kent makes Andie lose her pukas, the gang have to find a way to nab Andie some beads back.

Foursome Season 3 Episode 1 : New Season, New Brayer, New Bae! While Andie struggles to balance her buds with her new boy, the gang tries to woo her back with hot tix to BEACH ISLAND!