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Poster Foursome: Season 2

Foursome: Season 2 2016

Foursome Season 2 :

10 Episodes

Foursome Season 2 Episode 4 : The Foursome decide that they need to disconnect to connect and have Mr. Shaw lock up their phones but the gang gets shook when an earthquake locks them inside of the Brayer Lair with no way to call for help.

Foursome Season 2 Episode 3 : When the Foursome discover Andie’s never had her big O, they embark on a sensual journey. The Foursome struggle to focus when new guy, Kent Saydak, becomes the talk of Brayer.

Foursome Season 2 Episode 2 : Andie is delighted when she begins receiving trinkets from a secret admirer. When the secret is revealed the whole gang help each other process the shocking discovery.

Foursome Season 2 Episode 1 : Ms. Fixler is ready to move on from the past and all she has to do is swallow new dude spit to do it! The Foursome watch in shock as Andie executes her own, “plan pheromone.”