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Poster Expedition Unknown: Season 9

Expedition Unknown: Season 9 2020

Expedition Unknown Season 9 :

8 Episodes

Expedition Unknown Season 9 Episode 8 : In the conclusion of his epic investigation, Josh Gates uses cutting-edge technology to investigate the Triangle’s most infamous shipwreck and lost flights. Will he find answers to just how the Triangle works or will it forever remain a mystery?

Expedition Unknown Season 9 Episode 7 : Josh Gates dives into the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. His investigation leads him to the ocean floor, the skies above and even the edge of space as he tackles some of the most intriguing disappearances in history.

Expedition Unknown Season 9 Episode 6 : Josh Gates takes on the Indian Ocean’s punishing waters as he chases the lost treasure of Olivier Levasseur, AKA “The Buzzard,” rumored to be worth more than a billion dollars.

Expedition Unknown Season 9 Episode 5 : Searching across England, Josh Gates unearths a cache of ancient treasure as he chases the legend of Queen Boudica, the legendary Celtic queen who nearly defeated the invading Roman army 2,000 years ago.

Expedition Unknown Season 9 Episode 4 : Josh Gates travels to Africa to get up close and personal with a distant relative and scale dangerous cliffs all to answer one question: Where did humans come from?

Expedition Unknown Season 9 Episode 3 : In this expansive, two-part investigation, Josh Gates travels the globe attempting to solve the most fundamental mystery of all — humanity’s origins. How did we survive to the modern day? And what does that mean for our future?

Expedition Unknown Season 9 Episode 2 : Josh Gates investigates the most mysterious airline disaster in American history — searching for why Northwest Flight 2501 vanished, taking the lives of all 58 people on board.

Expedition Unknown Season 9 Episode 1 : Josh Gates touches down in Normandy to investigate battles on land, air, and sea. The expedition reveals a Nazi threat greater than ever imagined, unearthing a massive German bunker complex buried for 75 years.