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Poster Diesel Brothers: Season 6

Diesel Brothers: Season 6 2019

Diesel Brothers Season 6 :

5 Episodes

Diesel Brothers Season 6 Episode 5 : Heavy D is in deep with his insane diesel-powered boat conversion and is on the verge of seeing his dreams sink. Meanwhile, the race is on to get their MegaTrucks in working order before the epic showdown in the Pit against the Dirty 7.

Diesel Brothers Season 6 Episode 4 : Heavy D has big plans to convert a Vietnam-era bridge boat into the world’s only diesel-powered surf boat; the guys head to California to track down a rare Excursion to use in their next giveaway.

Diesel Brothers Season 6 Episode 3 : Heavy D puts the pedal to the metal on his next SEMA build: a 6×6 with a custom full-track assembly that can handle any terrain in style. Meanwhile, Diesel Dave adds the finishing touches to his dream El Camino before revealing it at Monster Jam.

Diesel Brothers Season 6 Episode 2 : The Diesel Brothers complete their transformation on an old K5 Blazer and square body truck bed into the ultimate diesel-powered party on wheels. Meanwhile, Diesel Dave convinces Heavy D to give his El Camino what she needs to get back on the road.

Diesel Brothers Season 6 Episode 1 : The Diesel Brothers are back and this season premiere is bigger than ever. Get ready for a crazy night featuring an epic Blazer build, a wild race against a Lamborghini and a record breaking stunt – plus a huge announcement with the Dirty Mudder Truckers.