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Poster Derry Girls: Season 2

Derry Girls: Season 2 2019

Derry Girls Season 2 :

6 Episodes

Derry Girls Season 2 Episode 6 : As Christmas nears, excitement in Derry is at fever pitch for President Bill Clinton’s visit. James gets a surprise, and Granda Joe embarks on a mysterious plan.

Derry Girls Season 2 Episode 5 : Jenny Joyce organises a 50s style prom, but the girls are more intrigued by the arrival of a new girl. Erin, Clare and Michelle are looking for prom dates, but Orla has got someone special in mind.

Derry Girls Season 2 Episode 4 : The Quinn family cause uproar at a family wedding, and the consequences of the girls’ bad behaviour are very serious, especially for cousin Eammon.

Derry Girls Season 2 Episode 3 : Erin, Clare, Michelle, Orla and James are beside themselves with excitement as they have tickets to see Take That in Belfast. When Ma Mary forbids them to go they decide that they’re going anyway.

Derry Girls Season 2 Episode 2 : A new English teacher arrives at Our Lady Immaculate and the gang find themselves inspired

Derry Girls Season 2 Episode 1 : Erin and co are excited to attend an outdoor pursuits weekend as part of a peace initiative. But peace is the last thing on Michelle’s mind once she finds out that there will be Protestant lads there!