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Poster Deadwind: Season 1

Deadwind: Season 1 2018

Deadwind Season 1 :

12 Episodes

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 12 : Following a shocking confrontation atop a building, Karppi and Nurmi realize that Anna Bergdahl’s murderer may be someone they’ve not yet considered.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 11 : Searching for evidence underwater, Nurmi gets unexpected company. Karppi figures out what the white capsules in the diving video are and lays a trap.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 10 : Usko seeks revenge, shifting the police’s focus onto him. After a night of drowning their sorrows, Karppi and Nurmi look at the case’s big picture.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 9 : A former suspect offers up surprising information about Anna’s years on the swim team. Alex tries to confirm who was behind the new test results.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 8 : A new autopsy changes the timeline of the murder. Nurmi gets an unexpected therapy session. Usko goes shopping on the black market.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 7 : Karppi and Nurmi travel to Anna’s hometown after learning she visited her estranged parents right before her murder. Alex’s business suffers a setback.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 6 : Karppi searches for Roope Hoikkala and Henna, who’ve disappeared for very different reasons. Usko and his daughters face a difficult day.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 5 : Karppi’s initiative rubs some the wrong way. Alex makes an admission to Linda. A card found in the Lexus reveals who was driving it after the party.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 4 : A co-worker reveals a clue to Anna’s future plans. Linda finds herself in harm’s way. When Karppi is sidelined, Nurmi gets a chance to show his mettle.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 3 : Karppi and Nurmi look into the Lexus’s connection to Anna. Alex Hoikkala receives a startling ultimatum. Usko takes offense to a police theory.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 2 : Surveillance footage showing Anna leaving the Tempo party leads Karppi and Nurmi to the home of entrepreneur and real estate investor Stig Olander.

Deadwind Season 1 Episode 1 : After a woman’s body is found buried at a construction site, detective Sofia Karppi and her new partner home in on the victim’s disgruntled ex-client.