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Poster Damien: Season 1

Damien: Season 1 2016

Damien Season 1 :

10 Episodes

Damien Season 1 Episode 10 : Rutledge and Lyons target those around Damien; Damien makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Damien Season 1 Episode 9 : Damien seeks Greta’s help; Simone uses Veronica to get to Rutledge.

Damien Season 1 Episode 8 : Damien’s efforts to control his fate lead to a bloody confrontation; Greta and Simone meet Veronica; Shay loses a witness.

Damien Season 1 Episode 7 : Damien receives unexpected assistance; Shay locates Damien’s old friend; a mysterious figure enlists Simone’s help; Rutledge offers Damien something he truly desires.

Damien Season 1 Episode 6 : Damien encounters a beloved figure from his past and has a confrontation with Rutledge as he works to unravel the conspiracy surrounding him.

Damien Season 1 Episode 5 : Damien’s surprising connection with a war veteran leads him to a very dark place.

Damien Season 1 Episode 4 : Damien and Rutledge thwart Shay’s investigation; Simone has an intense religious experience; Shay’s inquiry takes an unexpected turn.

Damien Season 1 Episode 3 : Damien consults an old friend about Rutledge’s intentions; Simone turns to the Church for answers; Shay gets an unexpected visitor; Rutledge gains Damien’s trust.

Damien Season 1 Episode 2 : Damien becomes the target of several conspiracies after his secret is revealed; a mysterious benefactor intercedes when Damien is interrogated by Detective Shay.

Damien Season 1 Episode 1 : War photographer Damien Thorn has a traumatic experience while on assignment in Syria and is forced to deal with his past and face the fact that he is the Antichrist.