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Poster Casual: Season 2

Casual: Season 2 2016

Casual Season 2 :

13 Episodes

Casual Season 2 Episode 13 : A family crisis brings Valerie, Alex and Laura together.

2x12 40 - Aug. 16, 2016

Casual Season 2 Episode 12 : Alex makes plans for Valerie’s 40th birthday; Drew and Valerie revisit a place that is special to them; Laura makes a decision regarding Spencer.

Casual Season 2 Episode 11 : Valerie must spend time with Drew and their accountant; Alex turns to therapy; Laura helps Spencer with tough decisions.

Casual Season 2 Episode 10 : Valerie and Jack indulge their fantasies at a hotel. Alex adjusts to his new life with Sarah. Laura and Spencer screen a series of teen romance films.

Casual Season 2 Episode 9 : Alex and Jordan battle over the future of Snooger; drama at home overshadows Valerie’s trip with Jack; Laura wants to visit Spencer in the hospital, but encounters a problem.

Casual Season 2 Episode 8 : After Sarah and Jordan’s engagement party, Alex’s personal and professional lives collide; Valerie reconsiders her decision; Laura’s interest in Spencer results in complications.

Casual Season 2 Episode 7 : Valerie must choose between two very different men; Alex’s relationship with a young co-worker draws attention; Laura and Aubrey present an irresistible offer to Spencer.

Casual Season 2 Episode 6 : Valerie is set up with Jennifer’s friend, but her mind is on another person; Alex hopes to impress Sarah with an engagement present; Laura’s friendship with Aubrey gets personal.

Casual Season 2 Episode 5 : Valerie considers her fertility options after a visit with her doctor. Alex reexamines a relationship with an ex-girlfriend. Laura and Aubrey bond over a secret.

Casual Season 2 Episode 4 : Alex hosts a dinner for his new business partner Jordan, only to be confronted with someone from his past. Valerie joins Jennifer for Game Night with her friends. Laura gets to know one of the girls from her home school group.

Casual Season 2 Episode 3 : Valerie tries to take her friendship with fellow therapist Jennifer to the next level. Alex considers an offer from a venture capitalist to keep Snooger from going under. Laura considers joining a homeschool study group.

Casual Season 2 Episode 2 : Alex embraces his new role as Laura’s teacher but his methods are questionable. Valerie reaches out to old friends and makes an unsettling discovery.

Casual Season 2 Episode 1 : Alex’s troubling new obsession leads Valerie to take matters into her own hands. Laura investigates switching high schools.