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Poster Bringing Up Bates: Season 7

Bringing Up Bates: Season 7 2018

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 :

38 Episodes

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 29 : Now that Alyssa’s given birth to her third child, Erin’s up next! Before her big due date, the Bates sisters treat her to a pedicure, but when Chad stops by for a visit, will he succumb to his own mani/pedi experience? And later, Erin’s strong contractions have […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 28 : The Baby delivery countdown is on! KJ heads to Florida to be by Alyssa’s side on her due date, but will Erin or Alyssa deliver first? Meanwhile, Lawson and Trace head to Indiana to participate in their first ever Rodeo Variety show performance and demonstrate their trick […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 27 : It’s a busy week at the Bates’! Gil and Kelly Jo are gearing up to be on hand for the birth of Erin and Alyssa’s third child, while Lawson and Trace are busy preparing for their upcoming rodeo performance. But will a trick riding practice session at […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 26 : Now that Josie’s graduated from cosmetology school, she’s landed a new job at a salon. But when Trace stops by for a trim, will his attention to detail put Josie’s skills to the test? Meanwhile Tori and Bobby meet up with Gil and Kelly Jo to discuss […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 25 : Now that Michaella and Brandon have more spacious digs, it’s Addee, Ellie and Callie’s turn to visit their big sis in Chicago! Michaella gives the girls their first sewing lesson and they enjoy some bonding time while painting ceramics at a pottery studio and visiting one of […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 24 : To celebrate his “Sweet 16,” Jackson heads to the DMV to take his Driver’s Test. But will he walk out with a license in hand? Meanwhile, Erin and Chad Paine prepare for the arrival of Baby #3, Everly Hope. As they decorate the baby’s room, they discuss […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 23 : Now that many of the older Bates girls have moved out of the house, it’s Carlin’s turn to take on new household responsibilities, including tutoring her younger siblings. But how will the Bates kids respond to Carlin’s new rules? Later, Gil and the family head to Myrtle […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 22 : Tori and Bobby’s wedding might be behind them, but Kelly Jo isn’t slowing down! She’s finally getting eye surgery to correct her vision. But how will the Bates household hold up while she’s in recovery mode? Meanwhile, tis the season for love, as the family preps for […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 21 : After a picture-perfect wedding ceremony, Tori and Bobby head out for their Honeymoon. Upon arriving in California, the newlyweds take a romantic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and set sail for a picturesque boat ride on the Monterey Bay. But after Tori has a video chat […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 20 : With 5 weddings under their belt, if the Bates know one thing, it’s weddings! See all the great moments of weddings past – including never before seen footage – from proposals to rings to dresses, and that great moment when they say, “I Do!”

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 19 : This year, Mother’s Day with the Bates is a whole lot bigger and a whole lot more fun! Join the family for the most motherly moments throughout the series as we celebrate some of favorite moms; Kelly Jo, Whitney, Erin and Alyssa; updated with new content!

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 18 : In this new special, hear from the Bates family as they speak for the first time about their experience shooting the show. They’ll look back and reflect on seven seasons, share funny stories from “Behind the Scenes” and discuss how being on TV has impacted their lives […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 17 : It’s a very “Marry” Christmas for the Bates as Tori and Bobby’s wedding day is here! The family hustles to take care of last minute “Winter Wonderland” wedding decorations, Tori and Bobby begin to prep for their California honeymoon, and the rehearsal dinner the night before becomes […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 16 : The Countdown has begun! Before Tori and Bobby say, “I Do,” there’s a million things left to do! Tori has her final wedding dress fitting and she sits down with Carlin to come up with a hairstyle for her special day! Meanwhile, Gil, Nathan, and the middle […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 15 : The Bates head to South Carolina for their annual Thanksgiving tradition with Papa Bill and Mama Jane, and even Carlin and Josie’s boyfriends are on hand for the festivities on the farm! Now that Evan and Carlin are officially courting, will Josie and Kelton gather the courage […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 14 : Now that Tori has a ring on her finger, Kelly Jo and her sisters have planned a Bachelorette Beach getaway for the Bride to Be! After arriving in Florida, the ladies head out for some fun in the sun and girl talk! Will Tori be “all ears” […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 13 : Before Tori “Ties the Knot” to Bobby, Gil takes her out for special father/daughter outing. Will Gil be able to hold back the tears, as they take a walk down memory lane? Meanwhile, now that Josie is working toward her Cosmetology license, Whitney takes Kaci Lynn to […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 12 : The Bates and Paines are ready to renovate! Now that Chad’s started a new job as a Subcontractor, he’s been assigned to work on a “Fixer Upper.” Can he impress his boss with his skills? And will Erin’s interior decorating input help with “flipping” the property? Meanwhile, […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 11 : Before Kelly Jo and the girls head to Kentucky for Tori’s wedding dress fitting, the entire family, including Michaella and Alyssa, gather for a festive family picnic! But when Gil discovers some mysterious envelopes, the topic of conversation turns to which sibling might have some surprise news? […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 10 : Kelly Jo has assembled a wedding planning team for Tori and Bobby’s nuptials and now it’s time to scout the venue! While Tori desires a winter wonderland themed wedding, will her indecision on the details prevent Kelly Jo from checking things off her To Do List? Meanwhile, […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 9 : Now that Tori and Bobby are officially engaged, they’re hoping they can move up their wedding date, but can they convince Gil and Kelly Jo that this is a wise decision? And later, the Bates brothers head out for Nathan’s annual “guys only” lake Birthday party, where […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 8 : We’re counting down the Top 25 Most Viewed Bates Clips from UPtv.com that have never before been seen on TV! Will your favorite clip make the list?

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 7 : It’s the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in this episode which highlights the best Bates sports moments. Whether on land, sea or snow, see the Bates as they hit, shoot, tackle, score, wipe-out and take the prize in this compilation of their best (and […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 6 : It’s been love at first sight for Tori and Bobby, but ever since Bobby moved to TN, Tori has been eager for him to “pop the question!” While an engagement ring might be burning a hole in Bobby’s pocket, he still needs to come up with the […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 5 : It’s a sweet surprise, as Erin reveals to her husband Chad some very unexpected news. And later, Whitney balances motherhood, with her new career as a Realtor. At the office, Whitney gets advice from her new boss and walks away with a parting gift that puts a […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 4 : A Total Eclipse is headed directly over Rocky Top, TN! So before the big event, Brandon gives the Bates kids an interactive science lesson, demonstrating how the moon blocks the sun during an eclipse. And later, the Bates family gather together at a pool party for some […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 3 : Bobby’s finally making the big move to Rocky Top so he can be closer to Tori. Before he touches down in TN, he stops by a Florida jewelry store to pick up Tori’s engagement ring. But when will Bobby actually “pop the question” to his true love? […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 2 : Michaella and Brandon have moved out of their tiny one bedroom apartment and into a new rental house, so Kelly Jo and Erin pay the young couple a visit and lend a hand with decorating their new space. But will the ladies be able to to settle […]

Bringing Up Bates Season 7 Episode 1 : Love is in the air for the Bates Girls! But which daughter is next in line to tie the knot? And will Gil be able to “let go” of his not so little girls? Now that Evan has the green light to officially court Carlin, he puts […]