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Poster Börü: Season 1

Börü: Season 1 2018

Börü Season 1 :

6 Episodes

Börü Season 1 Episode 6 : ISID, while a skyscraper in Istanbul Maslak is about to make a big and bloody action, Kaya, who is found there by chance, has to make the first intervention. He against 13 terrorist alone, late in the night, has to withstand until friends come. The only thing that gives […]

Börü Season 1 Episode 5 : In the spring of 2016, Kemal will increase tension in the team with a secret task he has taken. The things that the legendary commander Osman Alan knows are the information that can solve the secret nodes, but the increasing pressure from inside and outside is trying to prevent […]

Börü Season 1 Episode 4 : 2016, 22 March. Six months after Ayi Murat’s martyrdom, the darkness around the team is increasing. On the day when an intelligence on the PKK leader comes from a place they never expected, Kemal and Turan decide to launch their own secret blood cases against the leak.

Börü Season 1 Episode 3 : In August 2015, BÖRÜ was compulsorily divided into two because administrative measures were put in place by the prosecutor’s office. Half of the team is fighting against the treacherous in the operative with Special Forces and JÖH in Sur. The other half is questioning in Istanbul. Turan and Kaya […]

Börü Season 1 Episode 2 : After 3 months from the first episode, it will be in 2015. JÖH and PÖH teams are catching a terrorist named “Bahoz” in the countryside of Mardin. They will come to the armored convoy, every one in the team is about to throw in a terrible danger. The BÖRÜ, […]

Börü Season 1 Episode 1 : The story of Börü with 34 50 radio codes, one of the most distinguished offensive teams of the Police Special Operations, begins in Diyarbakir in the autumn of 2014. Börü is a story of those who never give up despite their own troubles, with their lives ready for their […]