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Poster Bordertown: Season 1

Bordertown: Season 1 2016

Bordertown Season 1 : Detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen is one of the most respected officers at the National Bureau of Investigation in Finland. When his wife barely survives brain cancer, Sorjonen decides to take his family to an idyllic small town near the border of Russia, to live a quiet peaceful life.

11 Episodes

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 11 : Desperate to clear Janina’s name, Sorjonen races to piece together fragments from different crime scenes and catch the suspected killer off guard

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 10 : Sorjonen’s worlds collide when Janina wakes up spattered in blood and finds herself at the center of a murder investigation.

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 9 : Called to the scene of a deadly crash, Sorjonen tries to connect the dots between Elina and the stolen car. Pauliina moves ahead with her secret plan.

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 8 : A woman found alive in a fish trap at the bottom of the lake presents an unsettling new challenge for the team. A politician asks Taina for a favor.

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 7 : Lena goes undercover at a fight club, straining her relation ship with Katia. A colleague slips Sorjonen troubling information about their target.

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 6 : The team investigates a Europol tip on a dogfighting ring, and Hannu-Pekka asks Kari for help after his date with an escort takes an alarming turn.

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 5 : A second death linked to the pills prompts Sorjonen to travel to St. Petersburg with a new team member. At the party, an uncomfortable scene unfolds.

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 4 : As Sorjonen investigates the suspicious death of a drug squad officer, Janina is drawn into a circle of teens planning an epic, drug-fueled party.

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 3 : Lena tracks down a crucial clue to the kidnapper’s identity. Johanna’s secrets catch up with her. Degerman reaches out to Paulina.

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 2 : While Sorjonen and team inspiect the new crime scene, Katia’s mother searches for clues at the resort. A reporter begins digging into Sorjonen’s past.

Bordertown Season 1 Episode 1 : Seeking a simpler life, detective Kari Sorjonen and his family move to a quiet lakeside town, where he’s immediately called in to solve a murder.