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Poster Bloom: Season 2

Bloom: Season 2 2020

Bloom Season 2 :

6 Episodes

Bloom Season 2 Episode 6 : Ray, Anne and John’s agendas collide as they face off over the miracle.

Bloom Season 2 Episode 5 : A desperate Ray takes extreme measures to retrieve the love of his life.

Bloom Season 2 Episode 4 : With Gwen at breaking point, Ray and Gwen turn to John for help… but can faith in a higher power save Gwen from herself?

Bloom Season 2 Episode 3 : John attempts to prove the miracle to the church, while Ray realises that the side-effects of this new berry are far worse than he imagined.

Bloom Season 2 Episode 2 : After learning how the new plants grow, Gwen’s desperation to rejuvenate Ray drives her back to her ex-boyfriend, Max – but will Max pay the ultimate price?

2x1 Blip - Apr. 09, 2020

Bloom Season 2 Episode 1 : Three months on, a new family arrive in Mullan with a startling secret and a hidden agenda that could alter the course of human existence.