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Poster Between: Season 2

Between: Season 2 2016

Between Season 2 :

6 Episodes

Between Season 2 Episode 6 : Wiley, Chuck and the rest of the kids race for to the extraction point.

Between Season 2 Episode 5 : Adam seeks out the truth of the government’s plans for Pretty Lake. Wiley faces the aftermath of Renee’s shooting and confronts Liam.

Between Season 2 Episode 4 : Adam confronts Liam. Wiley and Liam must find someone about to turn 22 to see if the cure works. Franny, Harrison and Tracey discover Mark’s secret. Ronnie and Renee fight over power.

2x3 Hope - Jul. 14, 2016

Between Season 2 Episode 3 : Wiley seeks out food for Jason. Adam recruits Chuck to find out what Liam’s real motives are. Ronnie brings Eric’s body to Renee’s compound.

Between Season 2 Episode 2 : After his failed escape plan, Chuck returns to find that Wiley and Adam have brought in a scientist. Gord and Franny argue over resources. Ronnie helps Renee find her brother. Mark wants to confess to a killing.

Between Season 2 Episode 1 : Quickly running out of food, Adam and Wiley take a risk. Chuck and Harrison form an alliance, Mark makes a mistake he can’t take back, Gord tries to gather resources, and Ronnie meets an intriguing stranger named Renee.