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Poster Baron Noir: Season 1

Baron Noir: Season 1 2016

Baron Noir Season 1 :

8 Episodes

Baron Noir Season 1 Episode 8 : After an incriminating court document is released and the media gets hold of it, Rickwaert will risk anything to save his own back…

Baron Noir Season 1 Episode 7 : While the cards look favorable for France in the European Tug of War, the OHL Dunkirk affair resurfaces, forcing Laugier and Rickwaert to navigate troubled waters between diplomacy and foul play.

Baron Noir Season 1 Episode 6 : Rickwaert leads a ruthless battle to maintain his position in Dunkirk and seems to be back on Laugier’s side. Laugier stands up to the Germans over EU sanctions on the excessive deficit.

Baron Noir Season 1 Episode 5 : Rickwaert tries everything he can to charm and get in with the leaders of the opposition. He negotiates with the former right-wing President to support the student demonstrations, causing shockwaves through the political community.

1x4 Bleu - Feb. 15, 2016

Baron Noir Season 1 Episode 4 : While Laugier launches education reforms, Rickwaert decides he can use a student movement against him. In Rickwaert’s opinion, pulling the strings behind a demonstration for young people will pave the perfect path for him to return to the heart of politics.

Baron Noir Season 1 Episode 3 : Having become increasingly ill, the first secretary of the Socialist Party steps down, triggering a vicious battle over succession to the post. As conflict ensues between Rickwaert and Laugier, Dorendeu finds herself caught in the middle of it all.

1x2 1932 - Feb. 08, 2016

Baron Noir Season 1 Episode 2 : While the elections take place, Rickwaert figures out Laugier’s new strategy – he has sent his special advisor, Dorendeu, to help a Green candidate to hinder the far-right candidate’s chances of retaining its Northern constituency.

Baron Noir Season 1 Episode 1 : Between the first two rounds of the French presidential election, Mayor of Dunkirk Philippe Rickwaert, the friend and personal advisor to the Socialist candidate Francis Laugier, is warned there will be a financial investigation in a social housing office in Dunkirk which he misused to finance the campaign.