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Poster Bad Banks: Season 1

Bad Banks: Season 1 2018

Bad Banks Season 1 :

6 Episodes

Bad Banks Season 1 Episode 6 : Events come thick and fast. Deutsche Global Invest is about to fold and Germany faces another financial crisis. Did Jana trigger it?

Bad Banks Season 1 Episode 5 : Against all odds Jana does everything necessary in order to make mega-project “Leipzig 2025” a reality. But the pressure on her increases. Fenger cannot and will not protect her any longer.

Bad Banks Season 1 Episode 4 : There are growing signs that Jana’s former employer and Deutsche Global Invest want to merge. But what is happening behind closed doors?

Bad Banks Season 1 Episode 3 : A protracted flu and work around the clock take a hard hit on Jana. Again Christelle Leblanc stands by Jana’s side. But what does she really want?

Bad Banks Season 1 Episode 2 : Jana receives insider information from Christelle Leblanc: The multi-billion dollar city development project “Leipzig 2025” will be expedited.

Bad Banks Season 1 Episode 1 : Successful junior banker Jana’s world collapses: She is dismissed without notice. But she gets one last chance.