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Poster A Centaur’s Life: Season 1

A Centaur’s Life: Season 1 2017

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 : The series takes place in a world that took a different path of evolution from the world we know resulting in mythological creatures, such as centaurs, satyrs, mermaids, and demons, taking the palce of humans in today’s society. The story focuses around a centaur girl name Himeno Kimihara, as she goes about her daily life with her friends and family. ** Known in Japanese as “Centaur’s Worries” (Japanese “セントールの悩み” Hepburn: Sentouru no Nayami) Base on Japanese Manga series by Kei Murayama. Direct by Fumitoshi Oizaki. ** Opening Theme “Oshiete Darwin” song by a group idol “Purely Monster”. and Ending Theme “Edelweiss” song by Asaka.

12 Episodes

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 Episode 12 : The girls participate in an RPG fantasy setting, fighting against monsters in a dungeon labyrinth, which turns out to be a story written by Mitsuyo.

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 Episode 10 : Hime, Nozomi, and Kyouko decide to tail after Sassassul as she goes on a supposed date with a boy to a contemporary art museum, unaware that various organisations are keeping an eye on her too.

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 Episode 9 : Himeno and the others are chosen as a preparatory committee for Jean Rousseau, a French-raised amphibian businessman who is scheduled to give a speech at their school. While visiting his homeland prior to his speech, Jean is concerned by his people’s willingness to rage war against mammal-based […]

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 Episode 8 : Himeno goes to an archery meet with her underclassman, Ayaka Wakamaki, who acts strict towards her. Following some advice on her friends, Himeno helps Ayaka to loosen up by offering to go on a date with her.

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 Episode 5 : Himeno feels intimidated by Sassassul because of a scary B-movie she saw about snake people as a child. After hearing about this, Sassassul requests to watch the movie in question with Himeno, assuring her that her species is nothing like the monster featured in the movie and […]

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 Episode 4 : After being approached by a boy with a love letter, Himeno is reluctant to accept it because she is worried about how her horse half would look naked. Hearing about her complex, Nozomi and Kyouko propose that they look at each other’s private parts to put Himeno […]

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 Episode 3 : Himeno goes out with her cousin Shino and comes across student council president Manami Mitama and her three triplet sisters, Chiho, Chinami, and Chigusa. Shino gets defensive about how the triplets go about kissing others, which isn’t helped when Mitsuyo and Inukai provide their own input on […]

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 Episode 2 : After finding Himeno modelling in a fashion magazine, Nozomi is roped into trying out some different fashions by Mitsuyo Akechi and her girlfriend Inukai after they hint Himeno might get expelled for having a part-time job.

A Centaur’s Life Season 1 Episode 1 : While preparing for a class play, centaur Himeno Kimihara, who is playing the princess, ends up kissing her demon friend Nozomi Gokuraku after a male classmate who had originally hoped to play the prince role modified her script.