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Poster 3%: Season 3

3%: Season 3 2019

3% Season 3 :

8 Episodes

3% Season 3 Episode 8 : The truth about the sabotage finally comes to light as Marcela prepares to take over the Shell — and carry out a secret personal mission.

3% Season 3 Episode 7 : While Joana and Rafael race to find proof of the sabotage, Michele faces an angry crowd, and new details emerge about Glória’s time in the Process.

3% Season 3 Episode 6 : With the Offshore contingent on the way, the Shell’s new residents scour the desert for the fugitives. Elisa grapples with painful memories.

3% Season 3 Episode 5 : Glória whips up support for her campaign, leading to chaos at the Shell. Marco resorts to desperate measures when he runs out of food for his son.

3% Season 3 Episode 4 : With supplies dwindling, Michele hurries to cut the Shell’s remaining population in half. In flashbacks, the Founding Couple face an agonizing dilemma.

3% Season 3 Episode 3 : Forced to stand in for Michele on the next test, Elisa finds herself longing for the Offshore. Artur struggles to hide his condition from Rafael.

3% Season 3 Episode 2 : While the residents of the Shell prepare for the next stage of the Selection, Joana summons allies from the Cause and reveals her master plan.

3% Season 3 Episode 1 : Just as Joana tours Michele’s new desert sanctuary, known as the Shell, a massive sandstorm moves in and wreaks havoc.