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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 9 : In the fifth trial of the Five Safari Wars, the contestants were killed and only 50 people were killed. For Feifei, in order to make everyone want to use the reincarnation ring, Zhang Ling stopped it. Zhang Ling thought of the idea of ​​blasting the East Gate early. Everyone used the “Qingming Shenhuo” that could make people hide their shadows. Zhang Ling, Feifei, and Tielang rescued Kunlun, and Changfeng led others to the East Gate. However, the wolf of the world was roaring, the sound wave destroyed the fire, and everyone was invisible, and was besieged by the wolf emperor and the demon army. The three brothers of the Han family saw the situation in danger and blasted the East Gate early, leaving everyone to leave the illusory world. Everyone was struggling, and Zhang Ling thought that after the death of Lishui, as long as the treatment was timely, he could still survive, and he died in order to save the people!