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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 8 : Xiaosan took Zhang Ling and Tielang to the 12th floor of the basement. The original two of them could only buy a pair of worn armor that had been returned from the ancient battlefield. Although some were disgusted, the two still had no choice but to accept it. Seeing the shyness of the two men, Feifei, Long Yinger, and even Changfeng have come up with their own equipment to support the two. In the fifth trial of the Five Safari Wars, the tragic battle of the first battle in the early days was re-emerged. Although the contestants purchased the magic weapon to enhance the equipment in the Happy Gate, they were defeated by the enemy in the face of the real battlefield. In the end, Kunlun’s forearm was smashed by the wolf of the world, lost the ring of reincarnation, and was forced to succumb to the seriously injured Yunqi, Juxiong, extraordinary, and shadow children from the brigade, and stayed in the tearless city hut. Shadow’s array of law barely withstood the attack of the demon army, Kunlun decided to sacrifice himself when the enemy attacked, and became a teammate.