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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 7 : The Queen Mother proposed to let her personal maids join the vanguard, and was opposed by the four elders. Eventually, the glass could only be an alternate. The four elders came to the blood pool to fight hard, and the fire did not print the adventure to control the nine-tailed fox white 芊 Ji. The nine-tailed fox was released, turned out to be a young girl with a smile, and was very respectful to the four elders. Everyone was only surprised. It seemed that the heart was a first-time result, but it was hidden. Yu Ji proposed to attack the Wuyue Xian League as soon as possible, and the four elders finally accepted their opinions. Another compartment, too Zhang Lansong’s father Zhang Dashun was informed of Kunlun’s abandonment of the League of Nations. When Kunlun was careful about Zhang Ling, when the spirit heard the news of the early attack by the foreign land, the five lords decided to shorten the Five Sacrifices. As soon as possible, forty-nine squadrons were selected, and the final trial was to survive for six hours in the re-enactment of the “First Battle of the First Affair”. In order to complete the task, the entrants went to the gate of Qianqiuzi. Buy equipment magic weapon.