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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 46 : The four ally had prevented the wedding of Kunlun and Feifei, and the talents found that Kunlun had changed. At this time, Bai Yuji suddenly appeared, and the use of spells separated everyone in different illusory spaces. Bai Yuji controlled Feifei with the magic, and asked Feifei to deal with Zhang Ling with Kunlun. Zhang Ling couldn’t bear to start with Feifei, and he was gradually at a disadvantage. At the crucial moment, Iron Lang blocked Zhang Ling. Feifei saw himself killing the iron man, and finally got rid of the magic to wake up. When Kunlun and the two men were sad, they suddenly shot. I didn’t expect Fifi to be killed by Kunlun in front of Zhang Ling. Zhang Ling was greatly stimulated, and suddenly broke out of strength. The Holy Ghost sensed the call of Zhang Ling to automatically fit. Zhang Ling put on the holy armor and defeated Kunlun. Kunlun escaped.