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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 45 : Zhang Ling suddenly appeared on the battlefield and prevented the war. The talents of Xianmeng discovered that the second Emperor of the Second World was actually the Iron Man. Zhang Ling said that Yuanshi Shengjia could open the Xuanmen and proposed that everyone should have a truce. Kunlun falsely agreed to Zhang Ling. The demon world thought that it would be possible to move to Xintiandi to start a new life again. Everyone happily celebrated drinking and relaxed their vigilance. However, Kunlun knew that his sacred armor was counterfeit, and it was impossible to open the sacred door. Therefore, everyone in the Xianmeng was flustered and called Zhang Ling lying, secretly arranging everyone to attack the demon army. Xianmeng released nine days of thunder fire bombs, and led the thunder to blow up the barracks of the demon army. Kunlun held the Queen Mother Wolf, and the Queen Mother did not want to be controlled by Kunlun and committed suicide. During the retreat of the demon army, he was attacked by Bai Yuji. The fire was not printed and the blade was killed.