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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 43 : Zhang Ling and Feifei arrived at the Eternal Palace, breaking the curse of the Queen of the Night Sky, and they also got the last piece of the original sacred armor. Kunlun learned that the Holy Grail had been taken away by Zhang Ling, and his heart was mourned, but it was blocked by Yunqi. Yunqi can’t believe that Kunlun has become like this. It is disheartening, but Kunlun is too deep, and he only wants to be a questioner. The two men are facing each other. Kunlun began to know that Yunqi’s cultivation has always been him. Above. At this time, Xiaoyu, who was attached to the ninth-tailed fox, appeared to ask the enthusiasm and Feifei to stimulate Kunlun, so that they truly surrendered to the nine-tailed fox. In the end, Yunqi and Xiaoyu both died under the sword of Kunlun, hiding in the body of Xiaoyu. The nine-tailed fox in the body turned into Kunlun.