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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 42 : Zhang Ling and other six people are scattered in the sea of ​​no regrets. It is necessary to go through the road of remorse to reach the eternal palace where the night sky is raining. Only those who have no regrets and no hate can do it. If you lie, you will be punished. Yunqi came to the remorse hut and found that Xiaoyu had been waiting inside. The six thieves and the devil suspected Xiaoyu’s identity. Xiaoyu said that he had given his heart to the nine-tailed fox and accepted the power of the nine-tailed fox. Kunlun had also surrendered to the nine-tailed fox. Yunqi does not want to believe the facts. Yunqi once again returned to the remorse cabin to meet Kunlun, and learned that Kunlun actually surrendered to the nine-tailed fox. Tielang met Fifi in the remorse lodge. The six thieves told me if Fifi really loved Tielang. It turned out that Feifei was impressed by the confession of Tielang Mid-Autumn Festival, thinking that he found the person who knows the most in the world. He did not know that this person is actually Zhangling.