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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 40 : Zhang Ling stayed in the fox nest all day long. Because he couldn’t think of the way to save the glass, he often drunk alone. Feifei couldn’t bear to see Zhang Ling’s decadence and words. Zhang Ling felt that Liuli had paid a lot for himself, and he couldn’t listen to Feifei’s advice. The Great Mirror Spirit calculated that the last sacred armor was in the hands of no regrets, the night of the night, and the last level of the smashing of the squad. The undead lady proposes that the part who is no longer seeking to become a questioner can quit here, save the strength for the second world, and get the support of other lords. Qian Qiu said that he would withdraw from the big battle and become close to Tianxin. Hanshang and Meikongyun also decided to stay together and no longer compete for the Holy Grail. Shadows have to take care of two injured brothers. Everyone expressed their disappointment. Among the fifteen fierce players, nine decided to withdraw, leaving only the Kunlun and Zhangling teams to stick to Shaoguan.