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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 4 : Zhang Ling met Fifi again, and the two pretended not to know. The comprehension of Mingyue Cave, Tielang, is straightforward. Zhang Ling proposed to join him in the second trial of the ancestors of Shenhuo. The trial was carried out in a illusory illusion. The contestant held a token and needed to avoid the pursuit of the god of war. At the same time, he won a token from other competitors before he could pass the customs. The Allies found the smoke cloud umbrella on the back of Zhang Ling, and recognized him as the son of Zhang Dashun, a five-abandon abandonment. He did not die, and Shenhuo proposed to cancel his qualifications. He practiced evil spirits and opposed Tsing Yi. Taiyi decided to let him continue. Juxiong, Long Yinger, and the unstoppable force of the attack, and the failure of Zhang You and others fled to the mansion. Xiaoyaomen’s smile was made by the birth of the sacred treasure, and the Golden Bell was sealed in the mansion, which blocked the attack of Chiyou. However, in order to compete for the token, the entrants in the house split into two factions led by Kunlun and Han’s three brothers and fell into civil war.